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What are Lawn Diseases?

Find detailed information on identifying and managing lawn diseases. Create conditions that reduce stress to your lawn and improve grass health with TruGreen®.

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Lawn disease is caused by a microorganism attacking a prone species of grass in the right environment. Unfortunately, a dull mower blade or poor irrigation can also resemble lawn fungus damage like brown patches or dead grass. Learn to spot and treat diseases so you can reclaim your outdoor space.

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Lawn disease occurs only if all three causes line up—grass susceptibility, a present pathogen and the right weather. If the fungus and conditions for Summer Patch are in two yards—one in Bluegrass and one in the non-susceptible Perennial Ryegrass—only Bluegrass would have a bad summer.

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Because you can’t control the weather—or the type of grass you have—control your lawn’s environment through proper mowing and watering techniques to keep lawn disease at bay. The goal is to increase your lawn’s health and strength so you can get back to relaxing outside—lawn fungus-free.

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