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Yellow Nutsedge

Cyperus esculentus

Yellow Nutsedge is a perennial herb that is considered a grass-like weed. This lawn weed is also known as Yellow Nut-grass, Chufa Flatsedge, Chufa, Earth Almond, Rush Nut or by its scientific name, Cyperus esculentus.






Yellow Nutsedge can be identified as a rapidly spreading, grass-like perennial herb. This lawn weed features three ranked basal leaves that are flat or slightly corrugated. Its seed head is yellowish-brown or straw-colored, and its stem grows in the distinct triangular shape associated with sedges. Yellow Nutsedge also features round hairless tubers that form at the ends of whitish rhizomes. Yellow Nutsedge does not form a chain of tubers like Purple Nutsedge.

Life Cycle

This lawn weed often occurs in areas with poor irrigation. It is a common lawn weed of croplands, nurseries and lawns. Yellow Nutsedge can be found in most parts of North America.

Life Cycle Image


Yellow Nutsedge is commonly a lawn weed of poorly drained soils, so cultural control methods—including turf irrigation and water management—can help prevent this weed from spreading. However, professionally selected and applied weed control treatments are necessary for complete weed removal.


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