Frequently Asked Questions

About TruGreen’s Tree & Shrub Service

TruGreen knows that the foundation of any successful plant health care plan is fertilization, which we offer twice a year during the spring and fall to achieve optimal results. We also know that the timing of foliar and bark protection services (for insects & disease control) should be seasonal and vary by region to target the life-cycles of specific pests, diseases and challenging seasons where plants face environmental stresses. This is why we offer multiple insect & disease applications from early spring through the fall. Added winter protection treatments, such as dormant horticultural oils and anti-desiccation sprays, are offered in many regions with colder climates and shorter growing seasons to help trees and shrubs stand up to the harsher conditions during the winter months, while reducing pest populations the subsequent year.

The timeframe between tree and shrub applications varies and is often adjusted based on current horticultural conditions. Fertilization is performed once in the spring and once in the fall and may be performed at the same time as our foliar and bark protections (insect & disease control) visits, which are normally spaced out every 4-6 weeks, based on pest and disease activity. Other applications for specialized treatments may occur more frequently.

TruGreen’s Tree & Shrub program is designed to promote the health of your trees and shrubs, targeting foliage where common and predictable insects, mites and diseases attack. Some invasive species require a more specialized approach, for which TruGreen has developed individualized treatment plans.

Yes. Customers benefit from our Trugreen Guarantee®, which means we will gladly re-visit your property between scheduled visits at no additional cost to make necessary adjustments to deliver quality results for your trees and shrubs.

Taking care of your trees and shrubs is a long-term investment. The time it takes to see results varies based on the unique needs of your trees & shrubs and on the conditions of your property. It normally takes a full year to achieve visible results – improved foliage density, flowering and overall vigor. Rest assured that while on our program, your trees & shrubs are gaining the vital nutrients and protection they need throughout the seasons to help guard against common pests and to promote a healthy landscape for years to come.

Our specialists are trained and equipped to inspect each plant in order to provide treatment in a highly efficient, yet effective manner. The length of time it takes to provide service varies greatly based on property size and the number of plants requiring treatment. Also, not all applications are the same, so the time to complete your service will vary based on the type of treatment.

TruGreen offers fertilization and insect & disease control, plus many specialized treatments to target specific insect, disease and mite issues and to help protect against harsh weather conditions unique to certain geographic regions.

It is always a good idea to keep all plants watered when Mother Nature does not. However, there is no reason to water after any specific application provided by TruGreen.

Different pests affect different plants at different times during the growing season. In addition, many pests will have several generations per year, which means they may come back even after successful initial treatment. Ongoing monitoring and treatment will help ensure pests do not cause significant damage. Also, damage will vary from year to year and is impossible to predict, so cancelling your service now will leave your plants susceptible to future problems. TruGreen's continuous service will help ensure the health of your landscape plants both today and for the future.

Not every plant on the landscape is susceptible to the same insect and disease pressures. If we skipped a plant, that means there weren't any significant issues that needed to be controlled during that particular visit. Each time we come to your property, we target and treat only those plants that are susceptible to insect or disease problems at that particular time of year.

Some plants, like the hybrid tea rose, as well as backyard fruits/vegetables and garden plants, are very sensitive and susceptible to pests of which we cannot guarantee control. For that reason, we do not offer treatments for these types of plants as part of our Tree & Shrub service.

The products we apply dry quickly in about 20-30 minutes, so as long as they've had a chance to dry, your plants should be protected.