Soil Amendment & Analysis Services

Soil Amendment & Analysis Services

The science of loving your lawn

Great lawns require soil with the appropriate balance of alkalinity and acidity. When pH balance appears to be off, your TruGreen specialist can adjust it with lime, sulfur or other micronutrients.

Benefits of Soil Amendment

  • Maintains rich, healthy soil
  • Enhances lawn treatments
  • Improves access to nutrients
  • Reduces disease symptoms

Proper pH maintains a rich, healthy soil base and maximizes the effectiveness of your other TruGreen lawn care treatments. Most lawns prefer a slightly acid soil (pH 5.5 to 6.5). Too much acidity can make it difficult for roots to access important nutrients like phosphorus and iron.

If your soil pH is unbalanced, your lawn may not respond well to fertilization and symptoms of lawn diseases may be more severe.

What to expect


We’ll visit your property every 4-6 weeks


Your TruGreen specialist will perform a Healthy Lawn Analysis®


Your specialist will leave a service summary with you or at your front door


Brown or bare spots are a sign that weeds are dying out, leaving your grass more space to grow


Your specialist will offer tips and suggestions for care between visits


We’ll come out as often as needed between scheduled visits to ensure your satisfaction

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