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Grub Prevention & Control Services

Protect your lawn from lawn-damaging insects.

Grubs, the larvae of various types of beetles, can devastate even the healthiest of lawns by burrowing into your soil and feeding on your turf’s roots. Our preemptive application is the best way to eliminate white grubs before they can cause extensive damage, keeping it lush and healthy for all of your outdoor activities.

What to expect
Your TruGreen specialist will will monitor your lawn for adult beetle activity
Your lawn specialist will apply an insect control product just prior to egg-hatching season (usually spring or early summer)
The treatment will need to be watered to move the product into the root system
The product will stay in the root system and will eliminate any white grubs that hatch and feed on your turf’s roots
What our customers are saying
The service was for my mother's lawn. Her entire backyard was covered with purple ground ivy. The rest of her lawn had many weeds and dandelions. Today her lawn looks great! We have TruGreen also & our lawn always looks great also. The men that do the applications are professional & friendly.
Anne H.
I have always been pleased with the service and interest the staff has in maintaining my property for the past 35+ years. With their help, I have a nice looking lawn and the shrubs are doing well. We are trying to save my 50+ years Ash tree now. Thanks again.
Annette M.
Always willing to answer questions. Shrubs & trees look better than when we tried to take care of them ourselves. Products you use are better than what we can purchase.
Barbara L.

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