TruGreen® & PGA TOUR® Partnership
TruGreen's partnership with PGA TOUR helps to create stunning outdoor spaces that deliver optimal playing conditions.
When we think about lawn goals, spectacular golf courses with manicured grass and lush fairways are top of mind.
As America’s #1 lawn company, TruGreen has helped millions of homeowners achieve a lawn they can be proud of. This year, TruGreen and the PGA TOUR have teamed up again to celebrate golf courses across the country getting the care they need to be thick, lush and green — because nobody likes to tee off on poor turf. Here, you can learn more about TruGreen’s role as a proud PGA TOUR sponsor and how you can get involved.
What Is the PGA TOUR?
If you’re new to the world of golf, the PGA TOUR is the world’s premier membership organization for touring professional golfers, co-sanctioning and organizing tournaments across the globe. Broadcasted in over 200 countries, the best golfers in the world compete for championship titles. Through the game of golf, the PGA TOUR, backed by its network of volunteers and its tournaments, have donated more than $3.37B to date to support local organizations.
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Why Did TruGreen Partner With the PGA TOUR?
At TruGreen, we pride ourselves on helping to maintain healthy and green lawns across the country and beyond with our science-backed treatment plans. The PGA TOUR’s team of agronomists also takes great care to ensure their golf courses are in optimum playing condition all season.
TruGreen and the PGA TOUR know that healthy turf doesn’t happen overnight, but with regular maintenance, some expertise and a little bit of science. It is this shared goal for lush green turf that makes TruGreen the perfect PGA TOUR partner.
But these shared values aren’t the only reason TruGreen sponsors the PGA TOUR. TruGreen’s professionals also have a wealth of experience and lawn care expertise. This provides an excellent opportunity for collaboration with the agronomist professionals at the PGA TOUR, PGA TOUR Champions, and the TPC Network® of golf courses across America. This partnership allows for education, research and development opportunities to help care for the TOUR’s iconic golf courses and inform the future of lawn care.
To find out more on how to improve your lawn and get lawn care tips from the experts: ask the agronomists.
This is a natural partnership as our sport relies on outstanding agronomic practices to provide our members with the best playing conditions each week.
Brian Oliver
PGA TOUR Executive Vice President of Corporate Partnerships
How Does the TruGreen and the PGA TOUR Partnership Work?
TruGreen is the official lawn care treatment provider of the PGA TOUR. In this role, you’ll see insights and lawn care knowledge to help ensure exceptional turf quality on the course. But this partnership can also benefit you and your lawn. Here’s how it works:
TruGreen’s specialists collaborate with agronomists from the PGA TOUR and the TPC Network to create educational content to help you learn about the benefits of lawn care and how you can achieve a professional-grade lawn.
This partnership facilitates the PGA TOUR and TruGreen professionals to share their expertise. This provides an exciting opportunity to merge each partner’s capabilities for research and innovation.
Fan base
Fan Base
The PGA TOUR invites TruGreen to host the TruGreen Backyard at several tournaments annually, including the Honda Classic, PLAYERS, and FedEx St. Jude Championship. It’s a comfortable space where spectators can view the tournament action as if they’re watching from their own backyard. As a perk, this area is complete with food, drinks and shaded seating for attendees.
TruGreen also hosts exclusive events, such as tournament experiences for First Tee® participants. These events include a behind-the-scenes look at the PGA TOUR’s cutting edge technology, meeting the PGA TOUR’s management and VIP access to the TruGreen Backyard.
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