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Ask the Agronomists: Lawncare Tips from the Experts

By TruGreen March 9, 2021
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Ask the Agronomists: Lawncare Tips from the Experts

Ever wonder what it takes to have a lawn that looks as good as a golf course — or even how they make golf courses look the way they do? Tune in as TruGreen shares their extensive home lawncare knowledge with you and chats with a PGA TOUR agronomist on how they keep golf courses looking their best.

Episode 1: Meet the Agronomists

Meet Matt, agronomist for TruGreen, and Collier, a PGA TOUR agronomist. They’re sharing the secrets behind some of the lushest home lawns and golf courses in the country. They’re going to fill you in on what it takes to achieve a lawn you can be proud of.

Episode 2: Where Do I Start?

There’s a lot that goes into making a lawn healthy. When you partner with TruGreen, you’ll have an expert to help you develop a plan. Hear Matt talk with Collier about the ways TruGreen and the PGA TOUR use science and technology to keep lawns and golf courses looking their best.

Episode 3: Weeds

No one likes seeing weeds on their lawn. In this episode, Matt talks about the steps TruGreen takes to address weeds before you ever see them.

Episode 4: Brown and Bare Spots

There are a lot of factors that could cause brown or bare spots on your lawn. Let TruGreen walk you through what may be causing them and how our experts can help you overcome them.

Episode 5: Green as a Golf Course

While golf courses and homes call for different lawn care routines, the methods they use to accomplish a healthy lawn are largely the same. Matt highlights the year-round approach you should take if you want a lawn that’s as green as Collier’s golf courses.

Episode 6: Mowing

Even when you’re working with a lawn care expert like TruGreen, achieving a healthy lawn requires a partnership where everyone does their share. Matt will fill you in on exactly what you should keep in mind when it comes time to mow your lawn.


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