Tawny Mole Cricket

Scapteriscus vicinus

The Tawny Mole Cricket is a lawn-damaging insect that is primarily found in the southern coastal states attacking Bahiagrass and Bermudagrass. Also known as Scapteriscus vicinus, this damage from this lawn pest usually occurs in late summer and early fall.


Mole Crickets

Mole Crickets

Sub Surface

Sub Surface

An adult Tawny Mole Cricket is a light-tawny-brown color, hence the name. This lawn pest can be easily identified by the claws on its forelegs as they're closer together and produce more of a V-shape when compared to the Southern Mole Cricket. The Tawny Mole Cricket also has a dark stripe running down the center of its pronotum. An easy way to identify the sex of this lawn insect rests in the fact that males have a darker rasp at the forewing base than females. This species of mole cricket prefers to feed on plant roots but has been known to eat other small insects—and also cannibalize its own. This lawn-damaging insect prefers to live in Bahiagrass but will also cause damage to other types of grass if the conditions are right.

Life Cycle

Life Cycle Image


There are two methods for controlling Tawny Mole Crickets that TruGreen® recommends: 1. Use professionally applied pest control designed to prevent excess lawn pest populations, which can cause damage to your lawn 2. Kill insects, grubs and other lawn pests before they have a chance to damage your lawn Proper mowing and watering techniques can also help foster a healthy lawn that's more tolerant to lawn pest attacks—plus you'll get a lawn you'll want to live on in the process.


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