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Purple Deadnettle

Lamium purpureum

Purple Deadnettle is a winter annual broadleaf weed that is also known as Red Deadnettle, Red Henbit and its scientific name, Lamium purpureum.








Purple Deadnettle flowers in early spring. The upper leaves and square stem are conspicuously red, growing on short petioles. The lower leaves are more triangular and less deeply lobed and grow on long petioles. Blooming from April through October, Purple Deadnettle flowers are light purple in color and are arranged in whorls, forming in the axis of the upper leaves. Reproduction occurs by seeds.

Life Cycle

This broadleaf weed prefers rich, fertile soils and often grows in fallow fields, gardens, nursery plots, waste grounds and along the banks of ditches, drainage canals and the weedy edges of woodlands. Purple Deadnettle thrives throughout much of North America.

Life Cycle Image


Although a thick, healthy turf will reduce competition from Lamium purpureum in your lawn, it can't be completely removed using simple cultural weed control methods, such as proper watering and mowing routines. Professionally applied broadleaf weed killers are the best way to ensure the weed is completed eradicated.


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