Brown Patch

Rhizoctonia solani

Brown Patch is a hot-weather lawn disease that is sometimes referred to as Large Patch or Rhizoctonia Blight. Brown Patch affects most types of grass across the country, with signs of damage appearing during late summer in the northern states and fall through mid-winter in the southern states.


Foliar & Root

Foliar & Root

Symptoms of Brown Patch vary depending on the species of turf grass, weather conditions and intensity of your lawn management program. The most common sign of Brown Patch is brown rings or patches in your lawn, measuring from 5 inches to 10 feet in diameter. The thin brown or purple borders around the patch's margins are called smoke rings. For grass types with wide blades, leaf lesions develop with tan centers and dark brown to black margins. After the grass leaves die from this lawn disease, new leaves can emerge from the surviving crowns.

Life Cycle

A Brown Patch infection can occur only if all of the following conditions are present: 1. Pathogen: Rhizoctonia solani lawn fungus 2. Host: All species of warm- and cool-season turfgrass 3. Environment: Hot, humid climates with temperatures over 85°F in the daytime and 60°F at nighttime

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Because you can't change your environment, the best way to control Brown Patch is to create conditions that will foster a healthy lawn. Not only will this make your lawn unfavorable for Brown Patch growth, it will lower your risk of extensive damage should the lawn disease develop—plus you'll have the type of lawn you'll want to live on. For Brown Patch control and lawn fungus treatment, TruGreen® recommends the following cultural control tips: • Use low to moderate levels of nitrogen-based fertilizers with a balanced fertility program • Avoid high-nitrogen applications when the disease is active • Reduce the amount of shade, and increase the amount of air flow to dry turf more quickly • Irrigate grass early in the day and improve soil drainage • Reduce thatch


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