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Zoysia japonica

Zoysiagrass is a warm-season turf grass commonly found in the transition and southern zones of the United States. This coarse- to medium-textured turf grass offers an attractive dense canopy and apple-green color, making it a common choice for curb appeal.


The apple-green color is the "first glance" defining characteristic of Zoysiagrass. But upon closer inspection, the pointed-tipped long leaves that grow from stolons close to the ground are also unique characteristic traits of this turf grass. And though you can't exactly see the slow growth, good shade tolerance and good cold-weather tolerance, you certainly can enjoy it.

Life Cycle

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Zoysiagrass has relatively few problems in home lawns but is susceptible to disease pathogens in the fall and spring, sometimes making proper turf grass management programs more intensive.

Characteristic Chart

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