Green Kyllinga

Kyllinga brevifolia

Green Kyllinga is a perennial grassy weed that is also known as Perennial Kyllinga, Shortleaf Spike Sedge or by its scientific name, Kyllinga brevifolia. This lawn weed thrives in moist soils.






Green Kyllinga can be identified as a mat-forming perennial grassy weed. Forming from reddish-purple rhizomes, this lawn weed has dark green leaves and stems. Its seed head is usually round or oblong in shape and clustered at the head, usually with three short leaves below. These leaves typically taper to a sharp point. The seed head is pale green in color initially, often turning brown at maturity. Green Kyllinga produces seeds during the warmer periods of the year.

Life Cycle

This grassy weed is often found growing in low-lying areas or in lawns where excessive moisture is present. Green Kyllinga thrives throughout much of the southeastern and parts of the western United States. These perennial grassy weeds can germinate and spread from seeds, but they also produce a root structure (tubers, bulbs or corms) that can birth new weeds from your lawn's surface (using stolons) or from underground (using rhizomes). Perennial grassy weeds live two or more years and have a deeper root structure that can give rise to new weeds—even if you no longer see the weeds in your lawn.

Life Cycle Image


Cultural weed control methods—such as hand-pulling lawn weeds or proper watering and mowing—are not recommended for removing Green Kyllinga in your lawn or landscaping. This grassy weed can adapt to different mowing heights—especially in areas with damp soil. For effective weed removal, professionally selected and applied weed control treatments are your best bet for eradication.


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