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What are Lawn Pests?

Find out about different types of lawn pests and how to control and prevent them from returning. Count on TruGreen® to help keep your yard insect-free.

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Lawn insect identification requires a lot: the lawn pest’s appearance, a description of the damage caused, the region and time of year, and what type of turf grass is planted—it can be difficult. Here’s what our experts look for when identifying the lawn-destroying insects.

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Lawn-destroying insects all start as eggs, but they differ in how often they shed exoskeletons to form larger ones—it depends on the species. Because lawn insects are cold-blooded, they can’t self-regulate heat either, so soil and air temperature further affect metamorphosis.

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Lawn-destroying insects can infest soil and roots, feed on leaves and stems, or suck the moisture out of grass. Controlling lawn pests requires a multitiered attack: selection, prevention, management and treatment. To protect your yard from lawn insects, keep your grass healthy so you can live life outside—bug-free.

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