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What are Grass Basics?

Get the best lawn care tips to create and maintain a perfect lawn year-round. TruGreen® covers the three lawn care basics on soil, mowing and watering.

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The key to a healthy, green lawn is just below the surface—soil. Grass stores and receives almost all of its moisture and nutrients from the soil, so lawn care tip number one is this: To get the best look and feel for your yard, start from the ground up.

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Done correctly, mowing stimulates growth to replace lost shoots and leaves. Mowing also boosts density and root development, reducing weed invasion. When lawn maintenance is done incorrectly, grass can become thin and weeds can ruin your outdoor escape.

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Every lawn maintenance plan requires irrigation. Whether supplementing rainfall with a garden hose or an automatic sprinkler system, grass is 75% to 85% water—it’s your job to keep it in that range. Your reward for this basic lawn care? A space for creating memories.

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