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High Traffic Grass: Your Most Durable Grass Options | TruGreen

By TruGreen July 2, 2020
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Best Grass for High Traffic Lawns

Have you ever driven by a house with a perfect lawn and wondered how the homeowner managed to get such green grass? Well, that’s probably because their lawn is healthy despite high foot traffic. Having kids who spend their days playing on the lawn or a dog who runs through your backyard daily doesn’t mean you can’t have the green lawn of your dreams. Let’s talk about the best kind of grass for your high-traffic lawn.

Best grass seed for high traffic areas

When you consider your lawn, chances are you don’t think about the most durable lawn option you can find. You want something lush, green and appealing to look at. Luckily, you can have both. Whether you're planting new grass or planting grass in the yard of your new home, it is hard to avoid having foot traffic on your grass. Running through the sprinklers and playing fetch with your puppy is fun, but the upkeep, not so much. That’s why planting the right grass seed for your home is the key to starting a durable foundation that can sustain the fun of daily life. 

In this article, you’ll find grass that suits your lifestyle including the best grass for dogs, the best grass for kids and the best grass alternatives for your high-traffic areas.

Best grass for dogs and kids

We know it can be challenging to keep up with a lawn that Fido has claimed as his own or that your kids are constantly playing on; that’s why starting with a durable foundation is key. Some things to consider when looking at the perfect lawn are rapid growth rate, deep root development and how well it matches the climate you live in. 

Many people agree that the natural choice for pet owners in northern states is Kentucky Bluegrass. This grass is as durable as it is lush. It has the unique ability to recover from damage quickly, grows in most environments very well and has the added curb appeal that you’re looking for in your yard. 

Transition states, such as Tennessee, Missouri and the Carolinas, will find that Tall Fescue is their best option for a lawn that gets alot of use. This grass type is well-adapted to either sunny or partially shaded areas and is known for its durability as well as its tolerance to traffic, heat and drought. 

In the southern states, Bermudagrass is the most desired lawn for holding up to the high traffic of children and pets. It is resistant to heat and drought, so it keeps its integrity over the seasons. In addition, the blade shape with a wider base and pointed top doesn’t hurt to run on and allows kiddos to roll around with reckless abandon. 

Growing grass in high-traffic areas

There’s no way to get around it, high traffic compacts your lawn's soil. This crushes air pockets and decreases grass health by limiting the amount of oxygen, nutrients and water that can move through the soil and in turn limits the grass' ability to take in air, minerals and water. Luckily, there are ways you can help your lawn. Grass in high-traffic areas needs regular soil aeration, usually done with a core aerator, which removes plugs of sod and soil from the ground so water and nutrients can move into the holes.

Taking care of your high-traffic grass

Even grass that does tolerate high traffic will benefit from minimizing the number of people that walk across them. Especially if your lawn sees regular traffic in a specific area, consider building a stepping stone path with pavers that provide a walking surface that grass can grow around. Try to keep people off the lawn during rainy weather or when the grass is wet because the soil is more easily compacted when wet and the grass is easier to tear and damage.

Sticking to the basics, like watering your lawn on a normal basis will surely help keep your grass healthy. Knowing when to plant your seed, how to prepare the soil and which seed to use is often a hard task. Find some great tricks here that will help ease the way to a healthy lawn that can sustain high traffic.

Fertilizing your lawn can help keep it healthy and dense despite the traffic it may get. Soil nutrition for turf grass is all about applying the right nutrient at the right time—in the right amount—and is one of the main tenets of turf grass management. Aeration is also an important item on your list to maintaining your busy lawn, as it helps relieve compaction from traffic.

Whether you’ve decided to plant grass seed that can handle high-traffic areas or are just wanting to take better care of the high-traffic grass already in your lawn, TruGreen offers services performed by professionals that are backed by our Healthy Lawn Guarantee®.


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