Bermudagrass Illustration


Cynodon dactylon

Bermudagrass is a warm-season turf grass commonly found in the southern and transition zones of the United States. This dense turf is particularly well-adapted for hot and humid weather. In fact, Bermudagrass is the most common type of turf grass for lawns in the southern parts of the country.


Bermudagrass is well-known for its medium- to fine-textured look and is best identified by its stolons that creep along the top of the ground. These stolons have short leaves that attach to them and, along with rhizomes, are used to spread the turf grass. When Bermudagrass does form seed heads, they will occasionally be multipronged and resemble a crow's foot.

Life Cycle

Life Cycle Image


Bermudagrass does not tolerate shade well and can be injured by periods of cold weather, sometimes making proper turf grass management programs more intensive.

Characteristic Chart

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