TruStories with Sean Jones

By TruGreen December 17, 2015

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Rebecca Payne: I like to think most people in general are kindhearted. Sean proved it that day. He was willing to stop when, when some others weren't.

Sean Jones: I'm Sean Jones. I've been with TruGreen® now going on 16 years. Our branch services, the Las Vegas Valley area and Boulder City. I love working outdoors. I love working with the people that I work with as well.

Rebecca Payne: My name is Rebecca Payne and I work for Death Valley Unified School District. I cover almost 200 miles on my bus route. I was dragging my students home from Shoshone Elementary School to Death Valley, California and we were about 63 miles out when my bus broke down on side of the road. I could not call for help. We did not have cell phone service. So, I wave for someone to stop, and that happened to be Sean Jones from TruGreen®.

Sean Jones: What was going through my mind when I pulled over to the side of the road was it was 117 degrees. How long had they been there? We're out in the middle of nowhere. The 17 miles was the closest town.

Rebecca Payne: It was hot with no power to your bus, you don't have AC, so you're rolling down the windows and trying to keep everyone cool.

Sean Jones: We tried to get the bus restarted that didn't work, so jumped in my truck, drove the 17 miles to the, to the ranger station, picked up about five, six gallons of water and about 10 bags of ice. When it's 117 degrees out, you can dehydrate very quickly.

Rebecca Payne: And by the time we got back we already had highway patrol and we had Annie O county sheriff. I had a full rescue crew.

Sean Jones: There were several "thank gods," somebody is here finally, especially when I brought the water back. By the time it was all over and done with, they had been on the side of the road for about three hours.

Rebecca Payne: I was really relived, somebody is kind enough to stop when you need help, it really makes a big difference

Sean Jones: It's not going above and beyond. It's doing what people do. To me, that is human nature. That's how I was raised.

Rebecca Payne: To thank Sean, I went and picked up a thank you card. I also had all the children from the bus write "thank you," to him and I send it to his office. Thank you, Sean, for helping us that day. You were amazing.

Sean Jones: I don't feel like I was a hero, I just was doing what everybody should do. Even though they weren't a TruGreen® customer, it was the right thing to do. And that sets an example for TruGreen®.


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