Embracing Innovation to Enhance Your Outdoor Living Space

By TruGreen May 24, 2023
TruGreen specialist with homeowner on lawn

We have always been dedicated to bringing top-notch products, services, and technologies to our customers. In a bold step to further elevate the outdoor living experience, we have announced the launch of TruGreen of the Future – a new initiative that pilots groundbreaking technologies to refine service quality and customer experience.

These select branches are currently testing a range of innovations in various markets across the country, with some solutions already rolled out broadly and others to roll out in 2024. At the heart of the TruGreen of the Future initiative is a commitment to providing a seamless, transparent, and reliable customer experience.

Enhancing the Customer Experience with New Offerings

Our President & CEO John Cowles believes that embracing these technological advances is essential to our growth and ability to deliver a truly superior experience to our customers. 

Through pilot tests being done with the new TruGreen of The Future initiative, our customers will soon experience new offerings such as:

Smart Lawn Measurement Tool: Precision Matters

The Smart Lawn Measurement Tool utilizes artificial intelligence to map your outdoor living space more accurately, ensuring that your lawn receives the exact amount of fertilization and other treatments it needs. This innovation not only further customizes treatment plans you already have, but also streamlines the scheduling process for a more elevated customer experience.

New product innovation that has already rolled out nationally and customers are enjoying today:

Arrival Tracking: Plan Your Day with Confidence

In a move to increase transparency, our Arrival Tracking technology allows customers to better plan your day, knowing when to expect your TruGreen specialist. The technology monitors specialists' transit journeys and updates customers on accurate arrival and departure times using both email and text communications.

TruControl: Fast-Acting, Customized Lawn Care

Tailored to your geographic region and specific lawn care needs, TruGreen's new TruControl treatments offer scientifically advanced solutions for rapid weed control. In northern markets with more seasonal lawn maintenance requirements, these new formulas work 30% faster on 70% more weeds.

Pushing Boundaries with Technology and Science

In today's fast-paced digital world, we recognize the importance of providing a smarter, more convenient customer experience. Ayman Taha, Chief Information & Digital Officer at TruGreen, emphasizes the close collaboration between product and customer care teams in developing these pioneering solutions: "Whether it's LawnTracker's improved service quality and arrival times or the AI-powered Smart Lawn Measurement Tool, we are committed to driving the industry forward with technology and science-based tools.”

To learn more about TruGreen and our innovative solutions, visit TruGreen.com and explore the exciting world of cutting-edge lawn care.


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