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TruGreen Peoria Lawn Care Services

Caring for your lawn can be stressful. Even when you mow and water and do everything the experts tell you to do, you may still struggle to achieve the green and lush grass of your dreams. If you’re tired of spending time and money on your lawn and not getting the results you want, it’s time to call TruGreen Peoria lawn care services to create a customized plan that will have your lawn healthy, green and free of harmful diseases and annoying pests in no time.

Services Offered By This Branch

TruComplete℠ Lawn Plan Get out and enjoy the greenest, healthiest lawn possible with this comprehensive plan, which provides essential nutrients, protection, organic soil amendments and lawn aeration.
TruMaintenance℠ Lawn Plan Fertilizer & Weed Control Only
TruNatural℠ Lawn Plan Organic Fertilizer Only NO weed or bug sprays

What Can You Expect With TruGreen Peoria Services?

Healthy Lawn Analysis®. A healthy lawn begins with an accurate diagnosis of what’s necessary to encourage growth and address any issues. Our TruGreen PhD-certified specialists analyze your lawn, including a soil pH test and pest and disease identification. What we find helps us create a comprehensive and effective lawn care plan, starting with any necessary soil amendments to balance pH and ensure treatments are as effective as possible.
Weed removal services. Ugly weeds detract from even the most beautiful yard and keep grass from growing healthy and strong. TruGreen Peoria specialists provide weed control services designed to get rid of existing weeds and keep them from coming back. This includes pre-emergent and targeted weed treatments, even between visits. If you spot a weed in your yard, give us a call, and we’ll come take care of it right away.
Fertilization. Your lawn needs a science-based balance of nutrients to grow strong and healthy, and our regular service visits include fertilization and feeding designed especially for your type of grass.
Aeration. Our TruComplete® and TruSignature® lawn care plans include annual aeration and overseeding, ensuring the grass roots receive enough oxygen and nutrients for healthy growth. If your yard sees heavy traffic, aeration is a must to prevent the soil from becoming compacted and inhibit growth.
Tree and shrub care. TruGreen Peoria keeps your landscape trees and shrubs looking their best, feeding, fertilizing and addressing pests and disease as needed.
Pest management. Whether it’s grubs eating your lawn or mosquitoes eating you and your family, TruGreen has you covered. Our pest treatment options manage insects that damage your lawn, as well as kill fleas, ticks and mosquitoes that spread harmful diseases and put your family and pets at risk.
A great-looking lawn depends on everything from the health of your soil to the type of grass you grow to what’s happening below the surface. If you’re tired of trying to guess what your lawn needs are and aren’t getting the results you want, turn to the experts at TruGreen Peoria lawn care for a free lawn maintenance service quote.

Grow a healthy Peoria lawn with TruGreen

Because we know the ins and outs of lawn care in Peoria, our experts can take the climate and other factors into account when building your custom lawn care service. Peoria is in the midwestern part of the United States, so the climate shifts from being hot and humid in the summer to having extremely low temperatures in the winter. Your local TruGreen specialist knows what works for Peoria yards and can tailor each plan based on your lawn's specific soil condition, grass type and usage. While offering the best lawn care service in Peoria, we can also tackle any mosquito or pest issues that may arise. To find out more about TruGreen Peoria lawn care service, request a quote above or call us at 1-800-464-0171.


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