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Cary, N.C. Lawn Care Service and Maintenance with TruGreen

Is compacted soil preventing your lawn from thriving? Perhaps acidic soil is keeping your lawn's root system from accessing essential nutrients. When performing lawn maintenance in Cary, N.C., you may have to tackle these issues and more.

Clay soil, which is common to the Piedmont region, compacts easily. Since this compacted soil prevents adequate nutrients and air from flowing through it, challenges are presented for Cary, N.C. lawn care. This not only stunts the growth of your lawn but can cause erosion of soil in heavy rains. TruGreen’s Lawn Aeration & Overseeding Service will not only aerate your compacted soil but also—in the case of cool-season grasses—overseed it to fill in bare spots, increasing overall thickness. 

Another common issue in Cary is acidic soil, which can prevent your lawn's roots from absorbing necessary nutrients while creating a hospitable environment for weeds. TruGreen's specialists can apply lime soil amendments to help establish a balanced soil pH so that your lawn has the opportunity to flourish. 

Do you want a lawn that you can be proud of? Contact our TruGreen team in Cary so we can draw up a tailored annual plan for your lawn. We offer services that address existing problems, as well as those that head them off through preventative applications and proper maintenance.

Why Choose Cary Lawn Care and Outdoor Services with TruGreen?

The Piedmont region of North Carolina enjoys a temperate climate that can support both cool and warm-season grasses. Our services can help cool-season varieties such as tall fescue to keep a green color year-round. Our specialists employ their deep knowledge of these varieties to tailor a treatment plan ideal for your turf.

Whether it’s aeration or lime soil amendments, you can trust our local experts at TruGreen to perform the services at the right time and in the manner that’s best for your unique Cary, N.C. lawn. 

Lawn Care Services Offered in Cary

At TruGreen, we have annual plans with services that cover a range of lawn care needs. Whether you’re faced with soil conditions that impede your lawn health or simply want a lusher, thicker lawn, find expert, science-based lawn care services for Cary, N.C. with TruGreen.

Weed Control. Weeds are tough, which is why so many homeowners lose the fight against them. With our weed control service, you'll not only benefit from targeted treatments of existing weeds, but also preventative treatments to keep these unwanted plants from emerging before their seeds germinate.

Fertilization. At TruGreen, we use a science-based approach to provide fertilization appropriate for your soil, grass type and time of year. Working alongside our other treatments, such as aeration and lime, proper fertilization fosters optimal health for your lawn and helps create an outdoor space you can be proud of.

Soil Amendment. Acidic soil can halt your lawn's root system from getting the nutrients it needs. Using science-driven expertise, TruGreen’s soil amendment service will assess your lawn’s soil condition and help establish the right pH balance. We can apply a lime treatment to reduce acidity, which will enhance the nutrient availability within your soil.

Lawn Aeration and Overseeding. Our lawn aeration and overseeding service improves your lawn’s health first by relieving soil compaction—allowing air and nutrients to better circulate through your soil. For cool season grasses, we’ll overseed with high-quality seeds to repair bare spots and thicken turf to help crowd out weeds.

Other Landscape and Outdoor Services Offered in Cary

TruGreen’s services not only help keep your lawn green and healthy, but we also offer a variety of additional customized care plans that both beautify your outdoor spaces and make them more comfortable to spend time in. Turn to us for your tree and shrub care solutions and to combat pesky insects.

Tree & Shrub Services.Choose our expert tree and shrub care to help keep your landscaping looking its best. We start with an evaluation, then create a tailored plan to enable your trees and shrubs to flourish. Tree & Shrub services treatments include disease control, insect control and root zone fertilization.

Mosquito Control and Prevention Services.Pesky and potentially disease-carrying mosquitoes are enough to keep you indoors during the summer months, preventing you from fully enjoying your backyard. Our mosquito control and prevention services target them where they live and create a protective barrier. We guarantee it will help control your mosquito population within 24 hours of application.

Fire Ant Control Services. In Cary, hot summers can bring fire ants to your lawn. TruGreen offers two types of treatments—broadcast applications to cover your yard and targeted mound treatments for specific ant hills. With fire ant control services, you'll have a partner in the battle against summertime ant bites. Our broadcast application offers protection for up to one year.

Grub Prevention and Control Services.Beetles produce larvae that are also known as grubs. They like to burrow into lawn soil and feed on turf roots, which can be quite problematic for any lawn owner. Stop grubs before they can cause damage with a preemptive application from TruGreen. 

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