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TruGreen Plainfield Lawn Care Services

Every weekend you mow and water your lawn, trying to make it look as healthy and green as your neighbor’s yard. You’ve spent hundreds of dollars on lawn products and tools, and you still have bare patches, weeds and thin, sparse grass.
While you might be tempted to give up and just accept that a lush carpet of grass is nothing more than a dream, don’t call it quits. Instead, call the experts at TruGreen Plainfield lawn care services. Our trained and certified lawn care experts can diagnose even the toughest lawn maintenance issues and will create a customized plan tailored to your yard’s needs. No stress, no guesswork—just healthy, strong grass free of weeds and annoying pests.

Services Offered By This Branch

TruComplete℠ Lawn Plan Get out and enjoy the greenest, healthiest lawn possible with this comprehensive plan, which provides essential nutrients, protection, organic soil amendments and lawn aeration.
TruMaintenance℠ Lawn Plan Fertilizer & Weed Control Only
TruNatural℠ Lawn Plan Organic Fertilizer Only NO weed or bug sprays

The TruGreen Lawn Care Process

Every TruGreen lawn care plan begins with a Healthy Lawn Analysis®. Using our in-depth knowledge and advanced tools, we evaluate your lawn to determine exactly what it needs and establish a solid foundation for healthy growth. We look for weeds and pests and test your soil to determine its pH. If necessary, we add the right elements to balance the soil pH, ensuring the lawn maintenance and treatment plan is as effective as possible.
Our weed-killing services target the exact plants, getting rid of them once and for all. In addition to weed control, our service plans include regular fertilization and feeding, as well as ongoing inspections to address problems as soon as they start. Our lawn care plans even take care of the grass between growing seasons with aeration and overseeding services. Our TruComplete® and TruSignature® lawn care plans include an annual aeration, preventing the soil from becoming compacted and ensuring the roots receive the vital nutrients they need for optimal health.

Don’t Forget About Pest Control

Another important part of maintaining a healthy lawn is keeping pests away, and TruGreen Plainfield lawn maintenance services get rid of lawn killers like grubs before they wreak havoc on your lawn. Our TruShieldSM Lawn Pest Control Service also eliminates other pests that live in the lawn, including fleas, ticks, chiggers, earwigs, spiders and, in some areas, ants, keeping your family and pets safe from bites and the diseases they can spread. And if mosquitoes are an issue, our Mosquito Defense treatments leave your yard free of mosquitoes and the viruses they can carry within 24 hours.
TruGreen Plainfield lawn care is a full-service lawn maintenance provider, focused on making your yard look great and keeping you satisfied. Whether you want green grass that’s the envy of the neighborhood or want to keep the bugs away, we have you covered. Call today for a free quote.


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