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Cumming, GA Lawn Care Service and Maintenance with TruGreen

Struggling to keep your Cumming or Alpharetta lawn in pristine shape this season? Looking for an easy way to uproot and help prevent weeds? Fortunately, TruGreen can help you with this common problem that many Georgia lawns face annually.

Northern Georgia is a suitable habitat for thriving weeds. You might have spent hours one day manually removing weeds or used multiple products only to have weeds reappear later. This problem goes beyond simple weed control. At TruGreen, our experts will work with you to come up with a custom lawn care plan to help reduce the presence of weeds in your Alpharetta or Cumming turf and strengthen your lawn, so weeds have a slimmer chance of taking hold. This is key to keeping your lawn healthy so that the only thing that grows is beautiful, green grass.

Talking to a TruGreen specialist will be easier than pulling up another weed. We'll put together a plan to help you maintain a lawn that you're proud of. We also offer additional services such as aeration to improve the long-term health and viability of your lawn. So whichever treatments you need, you can get personalized lawn care in the Alpharetta area courtesy of TruGreen.

Why Choose Cumming Lawn Care and Outdoor Services With TruGreen?

Lawn care service in Cumming, GA is necessary for avoiding lawn issues that originate from the region's climate, weather and native pests. We will treat your grass with science-based methods to get your lawn to its optimal health. Fortunately, TruGreen specialists have all the resources to keep your lawn in top shape while also keeping it enjoyable for your family and friends.

Lawn Care Services Offered in Cumming

TruGreen has a team of lawn care specialists operating in the Alpharetta and Cumming areas who tailor annual plans to address the unique needs of your lawn to keep it healthy and green. Whether you want to improve curb appeal or strengthen your lawn to withstand the Georgia weather, we can help achieve your personal outdoor goals.

Fertilization: Every lawn needs nutrients to grow and prosper. With TruGreen fertilization services, your lawn will have the nutrients it needs to grow stronger and better withstand environmental pressures.

Soil Amendment: In Cumming, soil often needs a pH adjustment to make sure grass can grow strong and beautiful. To do this, we apply a lime treatment that adjusts your soil's pH, allowing your lawn's roots to access essential nutrients from the soil.

Weed Control: We offer both pre-emergent weed control that helps to stop weeds from sprouting in your lawn and post-emergent spot treatments to get rid of any weeds that may spring up throughout the growing season. Our weed control services target problem Georgia weeds such as clover, crabgrass, annual bluegrass and more.

Lawn Aeration Service: TruGreen also offers a lawn aeration service to give your grass more access to vital nutrients. Aeration breaks up compacted soil so that air, water and nutrients can reach the roots to help them grow strong.

Other Landscape and Outdoor Services Offered in Cumming, GA

Our lawn care experts in Cumming, GA offer services to help you create an outdoor space that you can be proud of. We conduct pest control and prevention so you can keep living in comfort. Our specialists also treat your trees and shrubs, so they continue to look beautiful around the home.

Tree & Shrub Services: Our Alpharetta lawn care team also offers a beneficial service package for homes with trees and shrubs. We fertilize your landscape to help it thrive, while also offering protection against damaging insects and diseases to help keep your yard in tip-top shape.

Mosquito Control Services: Mosquitoes are no strangers to Georgia residents. They can be a real nuisance outside the home. Fortunately, TruGreen's lawn maintenance experts in Alpharetta can apply an insecticide around your home up to six times yearly to help keep these pests away. You will see a reduction of these insects in just 24 hours after application, guaranteed.

Outdoor Nuisance Pest Control: We will treat your plant beds, patio areas, and other spaces around your home for pests such as fleas and ticks so that you and your family can better enjoy your outdoor living space.

Fire Ant Control: Our lawn services in Cumming can help deal with fire ant colonies. Fire ants are known for eating plants and harming people and animals. We use an effective granular bait to help deter fire ants for up to one year without harming the rest of your lawn, guaranteed.

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