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Suwanee, GA Lawn Care Service and Maintenance with TruGreen

Sometimes it’s tough enough just battling the weeds taking over your lawn during the long, hot Georgia summers. But if you also enjoy spending time out in your yard, you likely encounter everything from fire ants to mosquitoes. That’s why it’s important to trust your Suwanee lawn care experts who know what it takes to fight those pesky weeds and bothersome insects.

Weeds harm lawns by stealing nutrients and water from the soil, at the expense of your lawn. The more the weeds take over, the bigger the task is to remove them, making your lawn care in Suwanee a real chore. If you are seeing thinned-out areas of your lawn, then you may need a soil amendment to adjust the soil's pH to help your grass grow green and thick.

Need help rescuing your lawn? Contact TruGreen for lawn care services in the Suwanee area.We’ll help you review plans that not only address these issues but help maintain your lawn in good condition for years to come.

Why Choose Suwanee Lawn Care and Outdoor Services with TruGreen?

Our decades of experience in locally tailored solutions makes TruGreen the wise choice for lawn care service in Suwanee, GA. We’ll reduce weed competition so your lawn has a chance to thrive. Our plans also feature fertilization and aeration services to help strengthen your lawn so it can withstand environmental pressures.

Your trees and shrubs are also in good hands with TruGreen. We provide services to help keep them as healthy and vibrant as your lawn. Look to us for science-based approaches to getting your Suwanee, GA lawn and landscape in the best condition it can be.

Lawn Care Services Offered in Suwanee

TruGreen’s annual lawn plans for Suwanee include services that defend your lawn against unsightly weeds. We'll also strengthen your lawn’s ability to fend off environmental threats by improving the condition of your soil and keeping your turf properly fed. Services include fertilization, aeration and the application of lime.

Fertilization: The proper nutrients at the right time are important for maintaining a healthy lawn. Give your turf the expert treatment it requires by choosing TruGreen for your fertilization needs. Our plans feature science-based, locally tailored fertilization services to stimulate the growth of your turf and keep it thick and vibrant.

Weed Control: Is your lawn losing the battle against weeds? Rescue your turf with the help of weed control services from TruGreen. We target existing weeds and apply pre-emergent control to help keep them from germinating in the first place, giving your lawn the room to thrive and look its best.

Soil Amendment: Yellow spots, wilted blades and stunted growth are all signs that you might be dealing with acidic soil. At TruGreen, we offer a soil amendment service that includes an evaluation of your lawn's condition and treatments such as granulated lime to get the pH back in balance.

Aeration Services: The clay soils of the Piedmont region can easily become compacted, starving your lawn’s root system of the air, water and nutrients it needs. Our aeration service will loosen up the compaction by removing small plugs of soil, turf and thatch to allow your lawn to breathe and thrive.

Other Landscape and Outdoor Services Offered in Suwanee

A healthy lawn provides the perfect canvas for trees and shrubs that adorn your landscaping. TruGreen offers plans to bolster the health of those larger plants, adding curb appeal to your property. Trust us to treat diseases and plant-damaging pests that threaten to spoil your outdoor space.

Tree & Shrub Services: Don’t let unhealthy trees and shrubs detract from your beautiful lawn. Choose TruGreen’s Tree & Shrub services to help keep your outdoor spaces looking their best. We’ll help make sure your trees and shrubs have the right amount of nutrients and protection against diseases and damaging insects.

Mosquito Control Services: Mosquitoes buzzing around your yard can spoil your attempts to relax and enjoy the outdoors. TruGreen’s mosquito control and prevention is your partner in controlling these potentially disease-carrying insects. Our treatments target where mosquitoes live and help create a barrier of protection around your yard. We guarantee a reduction in mosquito populations within 24 hours after application.

Outdoor Nuisance Pest Control: Are you avoiding spending time in your yard because of fleas and ticks? Our experts in Suwanee will come and treat your outdoor areas so that you and your family can enjoy being outside without worrying about these bothersome pests.

Fire Ant Control: Have fire ants taken up residence on your lawn? Their unsightly mounds and painful stings are enough to keep you from enjoying your outdoor spaces. Turn to TruGreen’s Fire Ant Control services to help defeat those insect invaders—both by targeting their mounds individually and treating your entire lawn if necessary.

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