TruGreen® Lawn Care Services - Preparing for Your First Visit

By TruGreen March 22, 2014
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TruGreen® offers three different lawn care services plans: TruMaintenance℠, TruHealth℠' and TruComplete℠. Each plan starts with a Healthy Lawn Analysis®, offers Pre-Emergent Targeted Weed Control and seasonal fertilization, and is covered by TruGreen®'s Healthy Lawn Guarantee®. The TruHealth℠ plan adds lime soil amendments, while the TruComplete℠ plan adds both lime soil amendment and lawn aeration.

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Once you’re ready for your lawn care services from TruGreen to begin, you can follow these five simple steps to maximize the impact of the PhD certified specialist’s first visit to your home.

1. Set the date. You’ll be in touch with TruGreen via email or phone to schedule the initial visit, during which your specialist will conduct a Healthy Lawn Analysis. This will be TruGreen’s first opportunity to get to know your yard—and in order to get the best results, you’ll want to make the most of the visit.

2. Set up your online account and manage your preferences. TruGreen’s robust online tools are one of the many reasons they are so easy to work with. You can login to manage your payment options, ranging from online EasyPay to PrePay options that can save you up to 10%. You can use their online form to ask questions and receive answers via email. You can even make and change your appointments online for quick and easy organization of your lawn care services.

3. Be home if you can. Its always recommended that homeowners meet with their TruGreen TruExpert? whenever possible—but you don’t have to be home for TruGreen experts to perform your scheduled lawn care services. They will always leave a service summary on your door to keep you informed of what has been done and what they recommend.

4. If you can’t be home, provide easy access. Make sure to unlock any gates or entry points, and always secure your pets inside the home. TruExpert specialists must be able to access your lawn and garden spaces so that they can do their best work. You can call TruGreen to give specialized instructions for access or to make special arrangements.

5. Get your results. Your TruExpert specialist will give you a report with detailed information about your soil conditions, your climate, grass types, and your unique lawn usage. And, as they get to know your lawn, TruGreen experts will begin giving you targeted recommendations of things you can do to help your lawn reach its fullest potential. 

TruGreen’s TruExpert specialists will work until you are satisfied

Regular visits (usually every four to six weeks) help to keep your yard in top shape, and your specialist will give you mowing and watering tips so you have the information you need to help make your lawn thrive. All TruGreen lawn plans are backed by the Healthy Lawn Guarantee®, which states that a TruGreen certified specialist will gladly visit your property as often as needed to make any necessary adjustments to ensure your satisfaction.

TruGreen’s remarkable, science-based lawn care services will keep your yard on track to looking its best. To find out more about TruGreen’s specialized services for your lawn and garden, call 866.688.6722 or visit

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