TruGreen® Lawn Care Services - Preparing for Your First Visit

By TruGreen February 12, 2021
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TruGreen® offers three different lawn care services plans: TruMaintenance℠, TruHealth℠' and TruComplete℠. Each plan starts with a Healthy Lawn Analysis®, offers Pre-Emergent Targeted Weed Control and seasonal fertilization, and is covered by TruGreen®'s Healthy Lawn Guarantee®. The TruHealth℠ plan adds lime soil amendments, while the TruComplete℠ plan adds both lime soil amendment and lawn aeration.

Who is involved in the first visit?

Our TruGreen-certified specialist and the homeowner(s) – if possible – are typically present for the first service. Each TruGreen specialist undergoes rigorous, best-in-class PhD-developed training to ensure every service is performed the right way, with the right equipment, at the right time. If you want to be home, we’d love to talk to you. Make sure you opt in to receiving text messages from us so you always know when we arrive at your home.

What exactly will happen during the first visit?

Your first visit is a great time for your specialist to get to know your lawn – and you! Partnership is ideal in this process so you can achieve your desired results. Your specialist will conduct a thorough analysis to determine exactly what your lawn needs. For the services following, your specialist will continue to provide you with mowing and watering tips to use in between visits. With our Healthy Lawn Guarantee®, your specialist will gladly visit your property as often as needed between scheduled visits to make any necessary adjustments and to ensure your satisfaction.

When does this need to happen?

Your first service typically happens within seven days of your purchase. We recommend setting up your online account so you can easily manage your payment options, set appointment notification preferences and schedule your next service. We are also proud to offer our TruGreen app, available for download from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. To access the benefits of TruGreen’s new app, all you will need is your TruGreen My Account login information. If you have any other specific questions about your service, you can take a peek at our FAQs for help. 

Pro Tip: Managing your payment in your account using our PrePay option could give you additional discounts on your plan.

Where does your first visit take place?

As with all of our services, your first visit will take place in your outdoor living space. While we do recommend that you are home for your first visit, your specialist is able to complete your service provided you are prepared. If you do not plan to be home, please make sure any gates or access points to your backyard are unlocked and ensure there are no pets outside so we can complete the service. Be sure to check out the online portal for helpful resources and to view your lawn care service reports.

How can you learn more?

Easy – from advice on mowing your lawn to maintaining your outdoor living space year-round, we have many resources readily available to help you learn more about the science of your lawn. Check out our Lawn Care 101 for tips for growing your dream lawn, learning how to identify what’s happening in your yard and getting the answers you need—all in one place.


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