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By TruGreen May 13, 2019
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Picture this—you’ve spent the past 3 months seeding and feeding your summer lawn, getting it ready for its big Memorial Day debut. You’ve done everything from fertilizing to aerating, yet there’s one last task to perfect your lawn for your picnic—ridding it of summer pests. Certain insects reach their seasonal peak in the spring and summer and can be a nuisance while you are enjoying your time outside. From summer bugs that destroy the vitality of your lawn to those that don’t play nicely with children and pets, here’s how to rid your yard of summer pests.

Chinch Bugs

If you’re doing all you can to keep your lawn hydrated during a dry, hot summer, but you’re still seeing large, irregular patches of brown, chinch bugs may be the culprit. These pests thrive by sucking juices from grass, causing blades to lose color, first turning yellow then brown. These lawn bugs love heat, so damage will typically surface in areas with lots of direct sunlight.

Damage caused by chinch bugs dulls the vibrancy of your lawn and makes spending time outside less enjoyable.  Who wants to have a picnic on a dried out lawn?

Since these bugs feed as both nymphs and adults, the damage can come in waves. Additionally, these guys can be difficult to identify, as they are often mistaken for big-eyed bugs. That’s why it’s important to seek professional advice to prevent a second wave of damage. A TruGreen PhD-certified specialist will be able to identify and treat a Chinch Bug infestation so you can get back to enjoying your lawn as it was intended.


Fire Ants

It may be a cliché, but nothing ruins a summer picnic as much as fire ants, except maybe an unexpected thunderstorm. These pests are aggressively territorial and have a painful bite and sting, making your yard a dangerous place for pets and children to enjoy their summer. The unsightly, massive mounds built by fire ants also do damage to your lawn by exposing grass roots and creating an uneven surface.

Once fire ants begin work on the mounds for their queen, they will continue unless interrupted. That's why it's important to treat your yard with an application that will upend the ant colony by destroying its queen and preventing resettlement across the entire yard.

TruGreen approaches fire ant control with two methods. First, a TruGreen specialist will treat your entire lawn with a safe granular product. Then, they will spot treat specific mounds to prevent future infestations for up to a year.


Fleas and Ticks

While fleas and ticks don’t affect the appearance of your lawn, they can cause serious health issues when they bite humans and animals. The risk alone can be enough to deter you from spending time outside.

You first need to understand how susceptible your area is to these pests. High temperatures and wet climate conditions are ideal conditions for fleas and ticks to thrive. In general, fleas and ticks like heavily wooded areas with brush and thick, tall grass. Maintain a well-trimmed lawn and focus care on your shrubs and vegetation to reduce populations.

TruGreen Lawn Pest Control plans are designed to help eliminate active pests and both prevent and protect your lawn from future generations. With the right service plan, you can spend more time enjoying your lawn this summer rather than fighting off summer lawn pests.

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