Mosquito Control Defense Treatment

Mosquito Control & Defense Treatment

Help protect the ones who matter most.

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin the time you spend with family and friends on your yard. Help protect yourself from uncomfortable and potentially dangerous mosquito bites TruGreen Mosquito Defense.

Mosquito Free Guarantee

We’ll gladly perform a FREE reservice any time you experience biting mosquitoes between treatments.✧

America's #1 Lawn Care Company

America's #1 lawn care company

Trusted By More Than 2 Million People

Trusted by more than 2 million people

Control Mosquitoes In 24 Hours

Control mosquitoes in 24 hours

Spray Your Yard, Not Your Kids

Spray your yard, not your kids

4 applications per year
Benefits of TruGreen Mosquito Defense

Monthly Applications using specialized equipment target mosquitoes where they are, or could be, living.

Professionally trained specialists use an innovative mosquito control formula to eradicate mosquitoes in your yard within 24 hours of your first application.

Spray your yard, not your kids.

Helps protect against biting mosquitoes that can transmit or cause Zika, West Nile Virus and other harmful diseases.

Starting at
$ 79 95
per application 6 applications per year
Get a quote today and get your first application for just $39.95**

What to expect


We’ll conduct a thorough inspection of your property for areas where mosquitoes are, or could be, living


Your specialist will employ an innovative formula and targeted application technique to eradicate mosquitoes in your yard within 24 hours


We’ll treat your property every month to maintain your protection throughout the season


You’ll receive a call 24 hours prior to each appointment so you know when to expect us


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