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Why Are Mosquitoes Bad in Texas?

By TruGreen March 2, 2021
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Everything’s bigger in Texas, and we bet you feel that way about the mosquito population too. Large areas of the Lone Star State have a temperate and humid climate ripe for mosquito habitats. With Texas serving as home to 29 million people, mosquitoes have many options to choose from, which could create problems for Texans looking to enjoy time outside.

How Bad are Mosquitoes in Texas?

Well, it really depends on where you are. West Texas’ more arid climate isn’t as hospitable to mosquitoes. However, in the eastern and middle parts of the state where many of Texas’ largest cities are, mosquitoes can become a much bigger problem. This includes areas like Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio. Large bodies of water, humid air, warm temperatures and frequent rain make the perfect conditions for a potential mosquito problem.

When is Mosquito Season in Texas?

Depending upon where you are and how cold it gets, mosquitoes can be a persistent problem throughout the year. However, the most active times for mosquitoes are during the summer months of June, July and August. Some areas of Texas receive 30+ inches of rain annually, and June is one of the wettest months for the state.(1) Wetter conditions mean more areas for mosquitoes to lay eggs and grow the population.

What Types of Mosquitoes live in Texas?

Unfortunately, the list of mosquito types that take up residence in the great state of Texas is quite extensive. However, the most common type to look out for is known as the Southern House Mosquito, or the Culex quinquefasciatus.(2)

These mosquitoes are clever when it comes to making themselves at home. They lay their eggs in standing water and create a “raft” for their eggs that floats on the water’s surface.(2) Ponds or bird baths are the preferred habitat for Culex mosquitoes. And unlike other types of mosquitoes, Culex mosquitoes are also winter-ready. They tend to hide in sewers or under houses with a crawl space and can quickly re-emerge when the weather warms back up.

You may see these little fellas lurking around your backyard or in any standing water on your property – so you’ll want to ensure that you’re keeping your yard nice and dry to prevent them from making a home. You may be able to recognize these mosquitoes thanks to their brown coloring and banded abdomen.

Which Parts of Texas Have the Most Mosquito Activity?

The eastern and middle parts of Texas, where conditions are more conducive to mosquito living conditions, will see larger mosquito populations. This means that more than half the state suffers from mosquito infestations, which only get worse with rainy seasons.

Keeping an eye on how wet things are in your area can help you better prepare for a rise in mosquito activity during the summer months. Texas news outlets will typically post warnings for residents and look at patterns in humidity and rain to make their best guesses on how bad each area’s season will be.(3)

Mosquito-Borne Diseases in Texas

With higher mosquito populations comes increased risk for mosquito-borne diseases, and Texas is no exception. Cases of West Nile and Dengue fever have been reported in Texas in the last few years.(3) Luckily, there are preventative measures you can take to help deter mosquitoes from making your yard their home.

How TruGreen can Help Control Texas’ Mosquito Populations

So what should you do about these pests that can cause irritation, to you, your family, your guests and your pets when trying to enjoy outside activities? Managing the mosquito population on your property is critical.

There are a few simple ways to help mitigate the mosquito problem. Emptying out standing water and turning containers upside down can prevent them from becoming a breeding ground in your yard. Additionally, ensuring proper drainage of water in your lawn and landscaping can also help reduce mosquitoes in your area.

Those efforts alone won’t always cut out the problem. That’s where we come in. TruGreen’s Mosquito Defense service can play a critical part in helping to reduce mosquito populations on your property and providing a more enjoyable outdoor living space for your family. Our specialists are trained to identify potential mosquito hot spots and treat them to prevent mosquitoes from seeking shelter in these treated areas. With the help of TruGreen, Texans will be able to enjoy their lawns all summer long.



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