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Spring Madness: Top Spring Activities to Tackle This Season

By TruGreen March 20, 2023
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Do you feel it? The birds are chirping and the sun is shining! We’ve officially retired our winter clothes for the season and broken out our favorite spring attire for the first time this year. That’s the refreshing feeling of springtime in full-affect. 

After spending the grueling winter season cooped up indoors, it’s no wonder people get antsy to grab their families and friends and relax outside. But what should you do first? Whether you’re hitting the field for a friendly game of family football or popping up the tent for a backyard camping extravaganza, there’s an endless list of fun activities you need to tackle before this perfect weather fades. 

Need some inspiration? We’ll get you started with a few ideas:

Host a Backyard Barbeque 

This first suggestion is a classic. You can’t go wrong with a slow Sunday afternoon on the patio, grilling your favorite foods with family and friends, while the kids play in the yard. The emerging spring weather is the perfect time to get on the lawn since it’s not too hot during the day and if it still gets cold at night where you live, a nice fire pit can keep the festivities going when the sun goes down. 

Have an Arts and Crafts Day Outside

What better place to let your creative side out than in the beautiful outdoors? Set up an easel and paint or draw the springtime flowers in your yard. Nature is also the perfect subject for photography. Bring your collaging materials onto a giant blanket and enjoy the soft breeze while you work. Whatever your artistic medium, having a craft day outside might be where you find your latest inspiration.  

Get to Gardening

As the sun emerges stronger and the snow melts away, fresh, bright blooms begin their new life. As your lawn and yard recover from the cold winter season, they may need a little help to reach their full potential. Planting new flowers, pruning, and making sure your lawn is getting the love it needs to live it’s best life are essential. Plus, when you take up gardening you get the added benefit of fresh air and sunlight, which humans need as much as the plants in our yard. 

Plan a Camping/Stargazing Night

Just because it’s dark doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your yard this spring. Plan a cozy night by the fire, make some s’mores, look up at the stars, and make the most of all that camping gear you bought three years ago but have only used once. The sweet smell of fresh grass and gentle lullaby of crickets can lull you to sleep as you dream of green lawns and perfectly pruned trees. 

Hit the Yoga Mat 

What better place to feel centered and zen during your at-home yoga routine than on the green grass of your lawn? Connect to Mother Nature and let your figurative roots dive deep into the earth as a gentle breeze keeps you cool and the sunshine makes you feel vibrant. Hitting your yoga mat in the early morning as the day begins but is still quiet and peaceful might be the best way to start your day. 

Plan a High-End Picnic

Invite your friends over for a fancy picnic on the patio or lay out a large blanket on your lawn. Bring umbrellas and pitchers of lemonade to enjoy under the sunlight dappling through the tree leaves. Or make it a happy hour and bust out your favorite beverages. An added bonus to this fun springtime activity is you can see your yard and lawn up close as it blossoms into its full spring effect (and spot any areas that might need a little help).

Spring Into an Outdoor Game Day

Get hearts racing and spark some healthy family competition. Plan an exciting game day for the whole family. Cornhole, capture the flag, horseshoes, giant Jenga, outdoor Twister, three-legged race, the list can go as your imagination takes you. 

Get Your Lawn Up-To-Snuff

Your favorite outdoor activities can be spoiled by unsightly lawn patches and pesky mosquitoes. Not to worry, your friends at TruGreen are here to get your lawn on the path to recovery. We carefully craft a lawn care plan that is uniquely tailored to your lawn’s current condition. After all, each lawn is different and needs to be treated as such to get it up to your standard. We evaluate your climate, soil condition, grass type and lawn usage to develop the right course of action. Once a plan has been clearly outlined, you can proceed with confidence knowing that your lawn is backed by the TruGreen Guarantee®, which means that, for as long as your plan is in place, our specialist will come to your home as many times as necessary to ensure your satisfaction.

To make sure you are keeping mosquitoes at bay, protect yourself with TruGreen Mosquito Defense, backed by our TruGreen Guarantee. Our specialists will treat your outdoor space with a professional mosquito repellent to help control the mosquito population. 

Caring for your trees, shrubs and lawn is also a huge part of making sure your home is prepped and ready for any and all spring activities. TruGreen’s Lawn Care Plans can help bring your outdoor living space to life so you can spend more time doing the things you love with the people you love. 


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