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By TruGreen November 1, 2023
friends enjoying dinner outside

So you’re thinking about hosting #Friendsgiving – great idea! A celebration with friends is always welcome this time of year, and gathering to celebrate what you’re grateful for is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up. However, we know that hosting an event can often feel overwhelming – we've got some party planning tips to help you host a Friendsgiving to remember:

  • Think about the venue: Leave it to the lawn fanatics to recommend hosting on your lawn! Call us crazy, but setting up outdoors invites opportunities to enjoy the beautiful weather while leaving most of the mess out of your home. We are always here to help you live life outside. 
  • Keep an open door policy: The best part of Friendsgiving is being able to invite who you want. Open up the guest list to friends who may not have family nearby or even friends of friends whom you may not know – this kind of guest list leaves room for building community and friendships.
  • Share the cooking love: Don’t take on everything yourself. Feel free to ask your friends to contribute a dish or two to the spread. Have a friend who loves baking? Tell him to whip up a few pies. Maybe your cousin is an expert mashed potato maker – we know what she’s bringing! By sharing responsibilities, you’ll feel less overwhelmed by the amount of effort you need to pull this thing off.
  • Decorate with the elements: Tap into your outdoor venue by adding some outdoor elements to the table. We love a simple mix of unscented candles, fall leaves and your favorite twinkly lights. If you’re lacking a table cloth, try brown parchment paper so you can write your guests’ names to indicate their place at the table.
  • Keep the conversation going: It can be hard to know how to introduce people from different friend groups and keep conversation feeling natural around the table. Try introducing a table topic like “What are your family holiday traditions?” to spark conversation and get things moving.
  • Comfy pants and leftovers: Before everyone comes, let them off the hook from having to dress up for dinner. Invite guests to wear comfy clothes with plenty of room for eating. Also, be sure to remind them to bring along containers for leftovers so no one goes home empty-handed.
  • Plan a fun treat: Don't want to take on a fancy dessert? Gather around the fire pit and try one of our fun takes on a classic S'mores
  • Stay grateful: Thanksgiving is a holiday meant to celebrate the things that we are grateful for throughout the year. Bringing the spirit of the holiday into your gathering will help everyone feel connected and remind them why they are celebrating.

Friendsgiving parties usually bring together people who can’t travel home for the holidays – but don’t let it stop there. Friendsgiving is the perfect time to bring together everyone you love. Whether it’s an all-day affair or an evening of food and fun, you’ll have a blast relaxing with your friends.

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