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Lawn Care Tips for Outdoor Living and Backyard Entertainment for Fall

By TruGreen June 20, 2013
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Fall is a critical time for your lawn. After all, this is a great season for outdoor entertaining, whether it's get-togethers planned on a beautiful outdoor space or fall backyard weddings celebrating a couple's love in an intimate setting. Regardless, there's no doubt that cooler weather, the change of seasons, and preparations for holiday fun times are just some of the exciting things you have to look forward to. A few simple lawn care tips will enable you to show off your beautiful lawn in addition to your amazing entertainment skills.

Lawn Care Tips

Fall lawn care tips: best time for everything

To ensure your outdoor spaces are lush and beautiful throughout the year, here are a few fall lawn care tips:

  1. Watering and mowing are essential. It goes without saying that regular maintenance—the kind you do once or twice a week with your mower and your sprinkler system—is essential for the basic health of your lawn. Be sure to mow and water your lawn regularly to maintain its neat, manicured appearance. Mowing will only be necessary until about October or November, when growth stops or depending on weather in your area.
  2. Lawn aeration is a key to proper nutrient and moisture absorption. Especially for lawns dealing with compacted soil or thick thatch, lawn aeration is a must during the fall. It will loosen up your soil, open it up to receive seed, nutrients and water, and help expedite your turf's recovery.
  3. Fall is the ideal time for fertilization. A well-balanced combination of nutrients that include slow-release or controlled-release nitrogen is an important part of maintenance and a necessity for fall lawn care, especially if you have cool-season turfgrasses. This will give your lawn a lush appearance that is sure to be noticed by your guests.
  4. Overseed to fill in patches of grass and repopulate your soil. Nothing looks worse than a patchy lawn with thin, sad and random sections of grass just barely surviving. Seeding your lawn will fill in those patches and help it restore its thick, lush beauty.
  5. Weed and Insect Control. Fall is also the perfect time to combat those pesky weeds and lawn damaging insects to prevent them from spreading throughout your lawn. This not only keeps your lawn looking great, but also keeps your guests protected from uninvited bugs and unattractive weeds.

TruGreen®: during the fall and anytime

The most valuable of all lawn care tips, however, is to remember that partnering with real lawn care experts who understand the complexities of proper lawn maintenance, lawn aeration and overseeding is essential in order to attain a lawn you'll love to show off. TruGreen® can help you prepare for fall get-togethers with a variety of comprehensive service plans that will address your lawn's individual challenges.

TruGreen PhD-certified specialists won’t mow or water your lawn, but they will address the more complex lawn care services, such as core aeration, overseeding, fertilization, lawn damaging insect and weed control. And all services are backed by their Healthy Lawn Guarantee®. As long as your plan is in place, your specialist will return as many times as needed to ensure your satisfaction. For more lawn care tips, contact one of the most experienced lawn care companies around at 866.688.6722 or visit


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