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How To Revive Your Lawn Post-Summer

By TruGreen December 20, 2023
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How To Revive Your Lawn Post-Summer

Harsh summer weather can be brutal on your lawn. It has had its fill of relentless sun, unpredictable rain, and pesky invaders that think your turf is a free-for-all. But fear not; there are ways to restore your lawn's lush, green charm. With a bit of help from your trusted TruGreen® lawn specialist and our science-backed expertise, you can help your grass shake off the summer stress and prepare for the autumn ahead.

Step 1: What’s Your Status?

Time to determine your lawn's post-summer status. Is it slightly sunburned but otherwise a healthy patch of green? Or does it need more attention? For those with cool-season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass or fescue, your lawn is likely transitioning out of summer dormancy. This is a natural response to summer's heat and limited water supply, and your grass should start to regain its vibrant green as the cooler, moist weather of fall arrives. If your lawn is made up of warm-season grasses like Bermuda or Zoysia, they thrive in the heat of summer. As temperatures drop, these grasses will slowly wind down their growth, moving towards winter dormancy. It's normal for these grass types to begin losing their lush summer green in late fall or early winter, but it's also a crucial time to provide them with the care they need to ensure a healthy return in the spring. The tailored solutions your TruGreen lawn specialist can provide based on your kind of grass will set the foundation for your lawn’s recovery and get you headed back toward a healthy lawn.

Step 2: The Hydration Situation

The sun can leave your lawn parched. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Here's our recommendation: your lawn usually requires 1-2” of water per week, depending on factors like soil type, temperature, and humidity. We recommend long, infrequent watering (1-2 times per week). Your soil should be moist to a depth of 6-12” after watering. Morning is the best time to water as less water evaporates than at midday, and watering at night might encourage diseases that thrive in moist conditions. An excellent way to measure if your lawn has had enough is to place a tuna can on it - once it's full, that's about an inch of water!

Step 3: Time for a Nutrient Boost

Now that your lawn is well-hydrated, it's time to feed it! Given the type of your grass and the local conditions, our TruGreen experts prescribe the ideal nutrient formulation. Think of this as a tailored 'fine-dining' experience for your lawn. Are you nursing Bermudagrass in a southern climate? A balanced, hearty mix of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are needed for recovery. Or are you tending to cool-season Fescue in the North? Your lawn might relish a nitrogen rich meal. This step will replenish nutrients lost over the summer and fortify your lawn for the cooler months.

Step 4: Don’t Leave Your Lawn Hanging

No lawn recovery plan is complete without grooming. Rake away dead leaves and thatch buildup that can suffocate the grass. If you have cool-season grass and notice bare patches in your lawn, new grass seeds will fill these patches, creating a healthy lawn. Consult your TruGreen specialist about aeration and overseeding to ensure your property is appropriately groomed and pampered.

Step 5: Beware of the Weed Invaders

While weeds are indeed a year-round nuisance, autumn also brings its unique line-up of green invaders. Just as your grass is soaking up the hydration and nutrients it needs to rebound, opportunistic fall-germinating weeds are waiting to crash the party. But don't worry; we're ready to mount a defense! We’ll work with you to create a weed control solution and evict these uninvited guests from your lawn.

Step 6: Keep in Touch

Your lawn requires regular check-ins. Continue to monitor its progress throughout the recovery period as we head into fall. This will help you adjust your care routine to keep your lawn in optimal shape.

Recovering your lawn from the summer is less about possessing a green thumb and more about patience, perseverance, and proper support. With your TruGreen lawn specialist at your side and these easy steps, your lawn will leave the summer sun behind and head into fall with renewed vigor.

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