7 Vital Reasons Chicago Homeowners Need Lawn Care Service

By TruGreen June 3, 2024
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7 Vital Reasons Chicago Homeowners Need Lawn Care Service

Maintaining a lush, healthy lawn in the dynamic climate of Chicago poses a challenge for many homeowners. During the summer, the combination of heat and humidity can leave lawns vulnerable to wilted grass, thatch buildup, diseases, and weeds. On the other hand, winter’s snowfall and freezing temperatures can cause grass blades to become dehydrated and snow mold to develop, and ice accumulation can suffocate the grass and lead to root damage.

Managing the effects of unfavorable weather conditions requires a proactive, consistent, and strategic approach to lawn care. This may leave many homeowners wondering, should I hire a lawn care service? Not only does it save time and prevent frustration, but it also provides other advantages homeowners benefit from.

What Makes Chicago Lawn Care Unique?

Climate and Weather Patterns

Chicago experiences four distinct seasons, all providing their own unique challenges. Spring’s milder temperatures and rainfall can be a breeding ground for stubborn weeds. Summer is hot and humid, putting stress on grass and leaving it susceptible to disease. Without proper core aeration and overseeding in the fall, lawns may not be as resilient against a Chicago winter. Additionally, Lake Michigan creates microclimates in nearby areas. This combination of factors requires a more localized lawn care strategy that professionals can help with.

Soil Variety

Soil health is directly tied to grass health, and knowing soil type and texture, nutrient content, and pH balance is important for homeowners wanting to maintain a green lawn. While soil in Chicago is predominantly clay, some owners may have sandy or loamy varieties. Homeowners also need to know its condition so they can identify if it requires soil amendment, a process that involves treating the soil with various materials to make it more suitable for plant growth and health.

Grass Types

At one time or another, most homeowners have asked themselves, “What type of grass do I have?” There are a variety of grasses that grow in Illinois, including Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass, Fine Fescue, and Tall Fescue. Different grass species have distinct traits and maintenance requirements.

Diseases and Pests

Chicago lawns are susceptible to lawn pests that can wreak havoc on the health and appearance of lawns. Grubs, chinch bugs, and sod webworms can all invade lawns, and if left unchecked, can turn even the nicest lawn into brown, patchy turf.

Benefits of Hiring a Lawn Care Service in Chicago

1. Expertise in Local Lawn Care Needs

Lawn care service providers bring years of experience navigating the local climate, identifying the best grass varieties and controlling diseases and pests affecting Chicago lawns. Their extensive understanding of these distinct regional conditions enables them to finely tune their services, including the most effective products and most beneficial timing for applications.

2. Tailored Lawn Treatments

Off-the-shelf products take a one-size-fits-all approach to lawn care, catering to a wider audience and often targeting temporary fixes. These products do not account for all the factors that impact grass health, such as weeds, nutritional deficiencies, soil pH, and lawn-damaging pest infestations, all of which vary from lawn to lawn and region to region. Unlike products that can be used on any lawn, Chicago lawn experts like TruGreen® consider region-specific factors, such as weather conditions, a variety of local soil types, and grass types in their treatment plans.

3. Timing and Technique

Lawn care companies understand the importance of timing when it comes to achieving a healthy lawn. They have experience with adhering to the best lawn care schedule for Chicago landscapes, ensuring lawns receive the best treatments at the best time. This helps homeowners take the guesswork out of knowing exactly when they need to fertilize, apply weed control, and aerate and overseed their lawns. Lawn specialists also have access to training and equipment that allow them to apply these treatments in ways that ensure optimal coverage, while also preventing damage to the lawn.

4. Gives You Time Back

Maintaining a beautiful lawn takes a significant amount of time and physical labor. Many Chicago residents lead busy lives, juggling the demands of family, work, and other activities and commitments. This can make it difficult to balance doing the things they want and need to do, while also remaining consistent with a lawn care routine. By outsourcing their lawn care service, homeowners can reclaim their time to do, well, anything else.

5. Boosts Curb Appeal

In a competitive real estate market like Chicago, having a well-kept lawn makes a home more desirable. Not only does this make the home stand out amongst other homes in the neighborhood, but it also helps it appeal to potential buyers if a homeowner is looking to sell. Additionally, a beautiful lawn acts as an extension of available living space, offering people another area to hang out and relax.

6. Saves Seasonal Hassle

Chicago experiences a variety of weather conditions, from extreme temperature shifts to heavy rainfall to strong winds, and this kind of fluctuation can put stress on grass, and damage to a lawn can occur if homeowners are not consistent or adaptive with their lawn care routines. Chicago lawn care companies know exactly which lawn care tasks to do and when, which products are the most effective for the time of year, how to manage seasonal lawn pests and diseases, and how to navigate unpredictable weather fluctuations.

7. Access to Professional Equipment

Buying and storing equipment can be expensive and difficult in a city like Chicago, and lawn care companies often use equipment or treatments that most homeowners do not have or know how to use. Aeration and overseeding, for example, are great ways to improve clay soil structure or prepare lawns for the winter season. Overseeding may look easy, but it is more than just tossing grass seed on the lawn and hoping it grows. Lawn care professionals help homeowners avoid the need to purchase equipment or products, and they are specially trained on how to perform treatments for the best results.

Finding a Chicago Lawn Care Provider

Understanding the specific conditions that affect Chicago lawns is the first step toward achieving a beautiful, healthy lawn. TruGreen's range of science-backed lawn, tree and shrub, and pest services are designed by experts to address these conditions. From defending grass against scorching summer heat to safeguarding your lawn from invasive pests to everything in between, our team of scientists blend their scientific knowledge with advanced techniques to help create a lawn you will love, guaranteed◆. Our experts are ready to help you find a lawn care plan that works best for you. Get a tailored lawn plan now!


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