What Type of Grass Are You?

By TruGreen May 24, 2022
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What do you and the different turf types have in common? Just like humans, different grass types can have characteristics like tolerance, friendliness and even adventurousness that make them unique. Wondering just what kind of grass matches your personality best? No worries, we’re here to help.

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Bermudagrass is a perennial turf that is known for its use in social settings such as home lawns, golf courses and athletic fields. It is generally durable and fairly resilient, making it a strong turf type. It can grow relatively quickly and forms strong root systems.

If you identify with bermudagrass, you are a social butterfly. You’re pretty popular among friends; they find themselves turning to you time and time again. In your spare time, you can be found at tee time with your friends with a swing that's up to par. Once you establish yourself with someone, your friendships grow quickly and strong bonds form. You are very adaptable and an all around likable person. 


Zoysiagrass is a warm-season turf grass that is known for its apple-green color and impeccable curb appeal. This coarse- to medium-textured turf grass offers an attractive appearance that is enticing and exclusive.

If you relate to zoysiagrass, you are slow to trust those around you but have an excellent tolerance for surviving change. You find your mood changing with the seasons and sometimes retreat into yourself – but a little bit of warmth helps you open up again. You are seen as low maintenance and people find your company uplifting.

Kentucky Bluegrass

Kentucky bluegrass is popular for its ability to grow and spread more quickly than other turf types, which make it ideal for home lawns. Plus, it has a greater tolerance to colder temperatures than some other cool-season turf grasses.

If you relate to Kentucky bluegrass, you are probably a bit of an introvert. Despite being a dedicated homebody, you are integral to your neighborhood. You tend to thrive in an environment where you feel comfortable and are a huge fan of a self care day.


Perennial ryegrass is a cool-season turf grass that is known for its ability to germinate and take root quickly, its tolerance to traffic and its resistance to stress. It is highly competitive when it comes to other turf types.

Those who identify with ryegrass are what we’d call go-getters. True to your extrovert spirit, you move at 100 MPH and it’s tough to get you to slow down. You are not easily stressed when it comes to new challenges. You don’t do too well with criticism or heat from those around you, but you tend to attract people with your shine.

St. Augustinegrass

St. Augustinegrass is a warm-season turf grass that has a coarse and spongy feel. It is incredibly shade-tolerant, although it is not recommended for high traffic areas. 

If you relate to St. Augustinegrass you are probably more calm and collected than the people around you. You prefer seeing where the day takes you. You love warm weather and you receive energy from it! You would also rather read a book in the shade than do something highly athletic.  

Tall Fescue

Tall Fescue is a cool-season turf grass that adapts to either sunny or partially shaded areas. It is known for its durability as well as its tolerance to traffic, heat and drought.

People might say you're rough around the edges, tall fescue, but you also show resilience and are not easily trampled on. You pride yourself on being able to thrive through whatever life throws at you. People lean on you to be an unwavering pillar.

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We hope you have learned not only a little bit about yourself, but also about the different types of grass around you. On the surface, you may think that the different turf types look the same; however, each type has its own unique characteristics. Knowing what type of grass your lawn has can help you maintain it and keep it thriving. 

Still not sure how to spot the differences? TruGreen® can help! Our team of experts is ready to answer any questions you may have about your lawn and grass type. TruGreen’s lawn services are some of the most comprehensive in the industry and are tailored to the specific needs of your lawn.

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