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How to Protect your Lawn this Halloween

By TruGreen September 28, 2023
sidewalk decorated for Halloween

Decorating for Halloween can be an exciting time for homeowners to show off their festive side. With the excitement of the season, it's important to make sure that your lawn is safe from the extra foot traffic of trick-or-treaters. That is why we put together a list of ways to help you protect your lawn from damage that could occur during the spooky season.

1. Create a Wicked Walkway

Having a path leading up to your doorstep can be a great way to prevent excess foot traffic on your grass. Make sure to plan the route you want your little visitors to use, then have fun! Using special decorations and lighting that embraces the holiday to line your path can create a mesmerizing journey for trick-or-treaters that is safe for everyone while also protecting your lawn.

2. Sweep away the Spooky

Having debris on your lawn could cause issues not only for your lawn, but also for your trick-or-treaters. Fallen leaves can trap extra moisture which may become a slipping hazard. Removing leaves allows guests to see the boundaries of your lawn and get to the candy without any hassle. Additionally, raking your leaves allows your lawn better access to the beneficial oxygen and sunlight it needs to grow nice and healthy!

3. Guard Your Grass

While decorating for Halloween can be a great way to wow your neighbors, they won’t be too impressed if your decor causes damage on your lawn. Leaving up your decorations for an extended period of time can cause a lack of oxygen to the area underneath it. Heavier decorations such as fake tombstones can worsen this. Instead, try using lighter decorations with a wire frame to ensure that the grass underneath has room to breath. Alternatively, you could consider hanging lighter decor from your trees or shrubs.

4. Survey for Sweets

Trick-or-treaters are not the only ones looking for something sweet on Halloween. Leftover candy that may have fallen on your lawn can be a feeding frenzy for pests. It is important to ensure that you’ve picked up any unwanted items that may be considered a food source for pests after the holiday.

5. Dress-Up Your Driveway

Want to avoid any potential frights on your lawn this Halloween? Consider using other areas of your outdoor space as the hub for the festivities. Setting up your treats in the driveway can help keep trick-or-treaters off your lawn entirely. Transforming your garage into a den of horrors is another fun way to get into the spirit of the season.

As Halloween draws near, don’t let your lawn become a spooky sight. Try out some of these tips to help prepare your turf for the fun of the season ahead. Need a little more to get your lawn in tip-top shape? Get in touch with one of our local lawn care specialists by calling 1-844-567-9579.


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