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Deck the Lawn: Tips and Tricks

By TruGreen November 21, 2023
Home with nice lawn decorated for holidays

Deck your Lawn: Tips and Tricks

As we approach the holiday season, making your home merry and bright is generally at the top of the To Do list. While decking the halls with boughs of holly remains a timeless tradition, decorating your lawn calls for a touch of creativity. We've got some ideas to help you transform your outdoor living space into a winter wonderland without damaging your lawn..

Jingle All The Way To A Dazzling Entryway

Lay the foundation with a well-lit space. Help decrease the foot traffic on your lawn by lighting up the pathway to your front door. Candy cane lights, all-weather luminarias or strings of colorful Christmas lights are all great ways to guide your guests down the right path to help keep them off your winter lawn.

Rockin’ Around The Inflatable Christmas Tree

Consider breaking out the festive inflatables to bring a little extra joy to your outdoor decor. There are endless possibilities to give your outdoor space the look you want while  avoiding weighing down your lawn. To help prevent any further damage to your lawn, it's a good idea to move the inflatables around every few days to give the grass beneath a break. 

If you still have some heavier decorations you want to use, consider putting them out on your porch or patio to protect your turf. 

Joy to the Wreathes

Your home's exterior is a great place to add a little extra cheer. Wreathes are a classic that can quickly and easily spruce up your front door or windows. Whether you are going for a more traditional style with beautiful red bows or a more fun approach with bright ornaments, there's the perfect wreath for every look. 

Up On The Treetop

Embrace the holiday season and be sure to consider your entire outdoor space as you plan. With a little imagination, the trees in your yard can be transformed with bright ornaments and colorful lights. As you select the ornaments, opt for sturdy plastic to withstand the weather. Use care to ensure that the ornaments aren’t overburdening your trees’ branches. 

If you do want to use lights, confirm they are rated for outdoor use and consider having them on a timer for the most impact. 

Try out some of these decor ideas and enjoy the fun of the season ahead. Need to make sure your lawn is ready for your holiday festivities? Let us help you create a tailored lawn care plan that will help you achieve the lawn you love. Visit our compare plans page to get started. 


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