Complete Guide to Overseeding Your Lawn

By TruGreen September 3, 2018
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Looking to overseed your lawn? Learn how and when to overseed your grass with this handy guide. Don't let dead patches ruin the look of your yard and home. Check out our Overseeding Lawn Care Guide for more.

Complete Guide to Overseeding Your Lawn

Overseeding your lawn is an excellent way to restore it back to its most healthy and lush condition.

There’s no mystery to it. Overseeding is the process of planting new grass seed to fill in areas of thinning turf and it’s a great way to improve the density of your lawn and enhance its color. Some people refer to the practice as reseeding your lawn rather than overseeding your lawn.

You may want to consider reseeding your lawn if it has bare spots, or weak, thinning or patchy grass, or if it has suffered damage from drought, diseases or insects. Reseeding is a proven method to introduce new varieties of turfgrass into mature lawns. Not all grass benefits from overseeding, though. In general, overseeding is most beneficial to cool season grasses like fescue, ryegrass and Kentucky bluegrass. The benefits of lawn overseeding include:

  • Fills in areas of turf damaged by summer stress, diseases or insects
  • Thickens and increases the density of thin lawns
  • Improves the lawn’s appearance
  • Enhances the lawn’s ability to fight against insects and diseases 

Overseeding a lawn is often combined with lawn aeration, and for good reason. The holes created by aerating your lawn allow good seed-to-soil contact. This aids seed germination.

While the process of overseeding your lawn may seem simple, there is actually a fair amount of science to it. For example, what’s the best time of the year to do it? What type of turfgrass seed should you use? How much seed do you use? What do you do to aid seed germination, and then to help the tender seedlings become hearty grass plants?

There is a lot to know about how to seed your lawn effectively and efficiently. If you aren’t certain if overseeding your lawn is something you can do, or if it’s something you don’t want to tackle on your own, contact a TruGreen® PhD-certified specialist by calling 866.688.6722 or visiting

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