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Hours of Operation
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Plano, TX Lawn Care Services with TruGreen

Texas’s hot, dry summers and watering restrictions can make it difficult to keep your lawn looking green and healthy. Although giving your lawn enough moisture is a priority for many homeowners in Plano, maintaining a great-looking lawn requires more than just water. Our local Plano TruGreen lawn care experts know exactly which lawn care services your lawn needs to thrive even in the unforgiving Texas climate. Our team has the science-based expertise and local knowledge necessary to develop a custom Plano-worthy lawn care service plan tailored to your yard’s precise needs. Our team of experts can also offer watering advice to help keep your lawn healthy. Whether you want to help prevent common Plano weeds, keep your trees and shrubs looking healthy or help control the population of mosquitoes and other annoying insects, we recommend starting early. Prepping your lawn in the spring can give it the strength it needs to retain its health and lush appearance during even the hottest, driest days of summer.  Our local team offers a range of preventive and ongoing professional lawn care services to our Plano residents including:
  • Healthy Lawn Analysis®.✦We will complete a thorough analysis to determine exactly what your lawn needs in the Plano conditions. This will help determine any excessive dryness, weeds or dead or bare patches that need specific treatments. 
  •  Fertilization - Feeding your lawn a precise, science-based combination of nutrients is key to healthy growth. Our Plano lawn care services include fertilizer treatments during the growing season, and if we spot any signs of trouble, such as bare or brown patches, we’ll identify the cause and adjust treatments as necessary.
  •  Weed Control - Our weed control services promote weed-free grass, even if your lawn has difficult to control weeds requiring multiple services. We use both pre-emergent and targeted weed control to help eliminate weeds and keep them from coming back.
  •  Aeration - Giving your lawn adequate moisture is vital in Plano, and one way to help ensure your grass is getting enough water is through TruGreen’s aeration service. Several of our TruGreen Plano lawn care plans include core aeration to reduce the risk of compacted soil and inadequate moisture and to introduce oxygen at the root level.
  •  Pest Control - Chinch bugs and grubs can be found in lawns in Plano during the summer.  Chinch bugs feed on St. Augustine lawns. Even if your lawn looks great throughout the heat of summer, grubs could be feeding on the roots, causing brown spots to show up in late summer. TruGreen Plano lawn pest experts look for signs of lawn damaging insects and use our targeted solutions to help stop the infestation and keep them from coming back.
In addition to handling grubs, our monthly Plano Mosquito Defense treatments help eliminate mosquitoes in the places they’re most likely to hide, allowing us to promote a mosquito-free yard for you and your family. That’s right. Our Mosquito-Free Guarantee assures that we will gladly perform a FREE re-service any time you experience biting mosquitoes between treatments.
Keeping your Plano yard looking great is the goal of TruGreen Plano lawn services. Call today for a free quote and to learn more about how we can take the frustration and guesswork out of your lawn maintenance.

TruGreen Lawn Care Process for Plano Residents

Every Plano yard is different, but pests, grassy weeds and sufficient watering are a few of the biggest lawn care challenges for Plano. Our TruGreen-certified specialists will evaluate your lawn and design a tailored approach based on climate, grass type, soil condition and usage to give it exactly what it needs at the right time — and it's all backed by our Healthy Lawn Guarantee®*. Plus, we offer TruGreen Mosquito Defense, which provides an innovative mosquito control formula that helps eliminate mosquitoes within 24 hours of your first application.

Grow a healthy Plano lawn with TruGreen’s Expert Lawn Services

Plano offers unique challenges and our experts live in the area and know these challenges first hand. They can take climate and other factors into account when building your tailored lawn care service. While offering the best lawn care service in Plano, we can also tackle any mosquito or pest issues that may arise. To find out more about TruGreen Plano lawn care service, request a quote or call us at 1-800-464-0171

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