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TruGreen Carrollton Lawn Care Services

Maintaining a lush, green lawn in Carrollton isn’t without its share of hurdles. Hot, dry weather means many homeowners spend a great deal of time and money on watering. But keeping your yard healthy requires more than just plenty of moisture.
With the help of our TruGreen Carrollton lawn care services, you can keep your lawn looking attractive and free of disease and pests. Count on our team of lawn care experts to create a custom lawn care plan tailored to your lawn’s specific soil condition, usage and climate that will make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

Why Healthy Soil Is Important

Healthy soil is the foundation of any healthy lawn, and TruGreen Carrollton lawn services provides all clients with a Healthy Lawn Analysis®. We not only determine your soil’s pH, ensuring that all fertilization and treatments are effective, but we also use the results to determine the best type of grass for your yard and any other necessary treatments, such as weed or pest control.
Once we know what your yard needs, we implement a custom-tailored lawn care plan that begins with weed control. We stop weeds before they start by applying pre-emergent weed control products and then keep them in check via our weed removal services. We also feed and fertilize your grass as necessary, typically every 4 to 6 weeks, making sure your grass has adequate nutrition to stay strong under the Texas sun.
And finally, to help give your grass the oxygen it needs at the root level, our TruComplete® lawn care plans also include aeration service. This prevents soil compaction, which can block the roots from getting the vital nutrients they need for optimal health.

TruGreen Can Take Care of Your Pests

Pests are also an issue in Carrollton, but TruGreen has you covered there too. We can keep your yard free of common pests including:
  • Grubs. Don’t let beetle larvae eat your grass and leave brown spots. We monitor your lawn for signs of beetle activity and use targeted products to kill them and keep them away for good.
  • Fleas and ticks. These insects love to hide in the grass, where they wait to bite your kids and pets, spreading disease. Our TruShieldSM Lawn Pest Control Service eliminates these and other pests from your yard, giving you peace of mind.
  • Mosquitoes. Nothing can ruin a pleasant evening like mosquitoes—not to mention they could be carrying harmful viruses like Zika or West Nile. Eliminate the need to use toxic repellents or stay indoors with TruGreen Mosquito Defense treatments, which make your yard virtually mosquito-free in 24 hours.
In addition to scheduled lawn care services, TruGreen Carrollton lawn care can take care of your trees and shrubs, plus we provide plenty of tips and suggestions to help you take good care of your grass between visits. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so call today to find out how you can have a great-looking yard all year-round.

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