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Myrtle Beach, S.C., Lawn Care Service and Maintenance with TruGreen

Do you struggle with keeping your Myrtle Beach lawn lush? Is your grass looking thin, yellow, and patchy? Are weeds taking over? If so, it’s time to consider using a lawn service to address these problems. TruGreen will help you accurately identify the issues your lawn faces and develop a tailored treatment plan to address them. Bermuda, St. Augustine, and Zoysia are popular grass types found in Myrtle Beach. They thrive in the warmer months and stay dormant during the colder months. They also provide their own unique challenges and requirements. TruGreen evaluates your lawn, soil conditions and other factors to create a specialized treatment plan specific to your lawn and the climate in Myrtle Beach. While the beautiful weather of Myrtle Beach is a joy to experience, it can be tough on your lawn. The area's heat and humidity stimulate the growth of your grass, but it can also foster unsightly weeds that damage your lawn as well as pests that want to do harm to your landscape. What you need are the professional services of TruGreen. We'll help create a space you'll want to spend time in. 

Why Choose Myrtle Beach Lawn Care and Outdoor Services with TruGreen?

TruGreen offers science-backed services and products in Myrtle Beach that are geared to the area's specific conditions. We know how the sandy soils and salty water can make it hard for your lawn to flourish, so we design our plans to address your soil conditions and turf. TruGreen lawn care in Myrtle Beach also includes fertilization and weed control. Our fertilization adds nutrients to your lawn and will vary based on the condition of your lawn and the time of year. We also help control weed growth in your lawn with both preventative and post-emergent weed control. 

Lawn Care Services Offered in Myrtle Beach

Our TruGreen specialists give you high quality lawn care in Myrtle Beach. We'll customize our treatments to your unique lawn care needs and tackle your specific problems. We can help bring about a thicker, healthier lawn, which can help your lawn be less susceptible to pests and disease.

Weed Control.Weeds aren't just unsightly, but they also take vital nutrients away from your grass. At TruGreen, we know weeds are difficult to treat so we take a two-pronged approach, providing both pre- and post-emergent treatments to tackle weeds before they germinate and also address them once they've sprouted.

Fertilization.Fertilization is a key component of any healthy lawn. TruGreen takes the guesswork out of finding the right balance of nutrients for your lawn’s specific needs. We'll apply the right fertilizer at the right time to keep your turf growing thick, lush and green.

Soil Amendment.Establishing the right pH in your soil can be difficult. Soil with a low pH makes your lawn more susceptible to disease and less receptive to fertilization. TruGreen's Soil Amendment Service will assess your soil and apply the right amount of lime, thereby encouraging healthy soil and turf.

Lawn Aeration.Your soil naturally compacts over time due to foot traffic and weather conditions. This prevents air and nutrients from reaching the grassroots. Annual aeration is important for maintaining a healthy lawn as it breaks up compaction and thatch to allow access to the roots.

Other Landscape and Outdoor Services Offered in Myrtle Beach

We want you to enjoy Myrtle Beach’s beautiful climate, pest and bug-free. TruGreen knows how best to tackle the annoying pests living here. We offer services that target mosquitoes, fire ants and other pests so you can fully enjoy your outdoor space. 

Tree & Shrub Services in Myrtle Beach. You might not think about trees and shrubs as an important part of lawn care, but they shape the look and feel of your yard. TruGreen’s tree and shrub services help keep your yard neat and fresh. We’ll also return as needed to ensure you’re satisfied.

Mosquito Control. If unchecked, mosquitoes will quickly overtake a lawn and make it unpleasant and potentially harmful. Help to protect your lawn with TruGreen’s Mosquito Control and Prevention Services. Our experts target mosquitoes where they live to effectively control their population within 24 hours after application, guaranteed.

Perimeter Pest Control. Spiders, ants and other pests have a tendency to find their way into your home. With TruGreen’s perimeter pest control we can help you keep those outdoor pests outdoors. We apply treatments outside of your home up to four times a year as needed.

Outdoor Nuisance Pest Control. It's frustrating to have a beautiful lawn but not be able to enjoy it because of persistent and sometimes harmful pests. At TruGreen, we offer lawn pest control services to help rid your lawn and outdoor living space of unwanted pests such as fleas, ticks, chiggers and earwigs. 

Fire Ant Control.Help stop fire ants from overtaking your yard with TruGreen's dual approach. We offer both broadcast treatments to tackle your whole lawn and targeted treatments applied to ant hills and mounds. The dual defense means you can enjoy your lawn without fear of these painful pests.

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