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Helpful TruGreen Fairfield Lawn Services

Every yard is different, so every lawn needs a slightly different approach in order to bring out its greenest, healthiest shine. Each of our TruGreen Fairfield lawn services takes a unique approach to your lawn, giving it exactly what it needs, exactly when it needs it—nothing more, nothing less.

Services Offered By This Branch

TruComplete℠ Lawn Plan Get out and enjoy the greenest, healthiest lawn possible with this comprehensive plan, which provides essential nutrients, protection, organic soil amendments and lawn aeration.
TruMaintenance℠ Lawn Plan Fertilizer & Weed Control Only
TruNatural℠ Lawn Plan Organic Fertilizer Only NO weed or bug sprays

Your First TruGreen Fairfield Lawn Service Visit

In order to assess your lawn as an individual patch of land, our initial home visit always consists of a Healthy Lawn Analysis®. By taking soil samples and investigating your entire yard for signs of lawn pests, diseases and weeds, we’re able to customize a lawn care plan that meets the exact needs of your lawn.
We start where your grass starts—from the soil up. If you don’t have the correct pH balance for the type of grass growing in your yard everything else you try isn’t going to work as well as it could. Creating a rich, fertile soil is the key to growing the kind of lush, healthy lawn that your family can enjoy.
After we analyze the nutrients and pH balance of your soil, our PhD-certified specialists will create a fertilizer specifically meant for your yard and then come out to apply it every 4 to 6 weeks as needed. This will help your grass grow thicker and denser, creating a lawn that is highly competitive for sunlight, which makes it harder for weeds to take seed and grow.

Weed Control and Other TruGreen Lawn Services in Fairfield

For the weeds that we find currently growing in your yard, our two-tiered approach gets rid of them now (with targeted weed control) and makes sure they stay gone (through pre-emergent weed killer applications). Similarly, if we find any lawn-destroying pests such as White Grubs or Chinch Bugs, we’ll use our specially constructed pesticide application equipment to kill them where they are now and then make sure they don’t return later.
If your lawn is one of the many in the Cincinnati area that struggles with a mosquito problem, our Fairfield lawn service experts can alleviate your worries about diseases like West Nile Virus with our TruGreen Mosquito Defense application. Backed by our Mosquito-Free Guarantee, our experts can eliminate mosquitoes within 24 hours. For other pests, we offer a TruShieldSM Lawn Pest Control Service that kills fleas, ticks, chiggers, earwigs, ants and spiders, keeping your loved ones safe while you live life outside.
No matter what is going on with your lawn, there’s a TruGreen Fairfield lawn service plan with your yard’s name on it.


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