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Good news! TruGreen has 2 dedicated to providing lawn care in Kansas City metro area. Your local TruGreen experts specialize in getting to the root of turf grass problems that stem from the heavy clay, compacted soils and wet, muggy summers that plague the BBQ Capital of the World. Check the map below to contact the Kansas City lawn care experts your yard deserves.

What to expect from TruGreen lawn service in Kansas City

Kansas City homeowners face a perfect storm when it comes to soil and weather. The clay-heavy soils hold in moisture well, which is perfect for the dry winters experienced on the edge of the Great Plains, but not so much for those wet K.C. summers. Clay can become waterlogged without proper irrigation. It can also become compacted, making for conditions where weeds can do a lot better than grass — especially the Henbit, Chickweed, Crabgrass and Dandelions that are the scourge of Kansas City lawns.

That's where we come in. Our PhD-certified specialists will evaluate your outdoor spaces and speak with you to figure out where your lawn is now and where you want it to be by next spring. Because your yard is different from every other yard — whether you're in Missouri or Kansas — you can expect a customized plan of action. Our goal is to give your lawn exactly what it needs exactly when it needs it — so you can live life outdoors.

What lawn services does TruGreen offer in Kansas City?

Our custom Kansas City lawn care plans are backed by our Healthy Lawn Guarantee®✦ and include options like:
  • Soil analysis and amendment
  • Fertilization and multiple visits
  • Aeration and overseeding
  • Targeted weed and pest control
  • Tree and shrub services
Once you get the healthy, livable lawn you deserve, we can help you enjoy it more often with our TruGreen Mosquito Defense backed by our Mosquito-Free Guarantee®.✧

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