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Loganville Lawn Care Service and Maintenance with TruGreen

Georgia—particularly interior regions like Piedmont—is known for its red clay soil. This soil type can pose unique challenges when it comes to lawn care in Loganville, GA. Clay compacts easily, preventing nutrients and air from reaching the roots of your turf.

If your lawn is looking less than stellar, it may be overdue for aeration. And it might not just be your soil that’s the problem. An excess of thatch—the layer of plant matter between your turf zone and soil surface—can also suffocate your lawn. Aeration, typically performed once a year as part of TruGreen lawn service in Loganville, removes small plugs of soil, thatch and turf to increase the circulation of the essential nutrients your lawn needs to flourish.

Your soil might also suffer from a pH imbalance. Georgia soils tend to be acidic, which requires the application of granulated lime to rebalance the pH to a level more suitable for your lawn. Proper aeration and pH balancing allow your lawn to respond better to fertilization and other treatments.

TruGreen offers lawn care services in the Loganville area to address issues that affect the growth and appearance of your lawn. Learn more about our annual plans to support lush and healthy turf, as well as healthy trees and shrubs.

Why Choose Loganville Lawn Care and Outdoor Services with TruGreen?

Our experts at TruGreen know what it takes to make your lawn thrive through the hot Georgia summer and remain healthy all year. Our science-driven methods take into account your soil condition, unique turf, access to sunlight, and other factors that affect the health and appearance of your lawn. We can also assess the health of your trees and shrubs and take measures to help keep them in top condition. And if you find yourself constantly dealing with the bites and stings of pests like mosquitoes and fire ants, our targeted and protective treatments can help keep them under control.

Lawn Care Services Offered in Loganville

TruGreen’s annual service plans for Loganville include measures to ensure your soil has the nutrients it needs to support vibrant growth and the pH balance it requires to stay healthy. Aeration and weed control further assist your lawn in becoming the best it can be.

Fertilization: The right nutrients in your lawn’s soil are critical to growing thick and beautiful grass. At TruGreen, we know just what your lawn needs. Our annual plans offer science-driven, locally tailored fertilization at just the right times to help stimulate and maintain healthy growth.

Weed Control: Weeds have their place—just not in your lawn. When you choose a TruGreen plan with weed control services, your lawn will get treatments to help address existing weeds and prevent the spread of new ones. That way your grass can thrive without competition for nutrients, water and light.

Soil Amendment: Soil that’s too acidic can lead to yellow spots, stunted turf growth and an increase in weeds that thrive in acidic soils. Our Soil Amendment service, customized to your unique lawn environment, may include the application of granulated lime to get your lawn’s pH back in balance.

Aeration Services: Aerating your compacted clay soil breathes new life into your turf by allowing air, water and nutrients to reach the root system. Using specialized equipment and science-backed expertise, our aeration service will remove small plugs of soil, turf, and thatch to loosen compaction and help your lawn thrive.

Other Landscape and Outdoor Services Offered in Loganville

A beautiful lawn is not only satisfying, but it also creates a fitting canvas for additional landscaping. Turn to TruGreen to help your trees and shrubs stay just as healthy as your lawn. Also, learn how we can control those bothersome pests that interfere with your outdoor living.

Tree & Shrub Services: Just like your lawn, trees and shrubs require attention and care to thrive and stay beautiful. Look no further than TruGreen’s Tree & Shrub services to help protect those plants from diseases and damaging insects and to ensure they receive the proper amount of nutrients.

Mosquito Control Services: Mosquitoes don’t just cause itchy bumps. Their bites can also transmit diseases. If you need mosquito treatment in the Loganville area, look no further than TruGreen. Our mosquito control and prevention services target where these insects live to help create barriers of protection for your space. We guarantee a reduction of these insects within 24 hours of treatment.

Outdoor Nuisance Pest Control: Are outdoor pests such as fleas and ticks distracting you from enjoying your yard? Our Loganville TruGreen professionals are here to help. We will treat around your deck and patio areas and in plant beds so that you can enjoy long days in your yard.

Fire Ant Control: Fire ants thrive in the summer heat, building their mounds and protecting them with stinging bites. With Fire Ant Control services from TruGreen, you’ll receive targeted treatment of mounds and broadcast treatment of your lawn if necessary, allowing you and your family to better enjoy your outdoor living space.

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