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Fine Fescue

Festuca rubra

Fine fescue is a cool-season turf grass that is renowned for its low maintenance and adaptation to shady, moist and cool areas. It also doesn't require large amounts of nitrogen or moisture, making it a favorite turf grass for lawns, campsites and other public areas throughout most of the country (some southern states being the exception).


Fine Fescue can be identified by its leaves that are rolled in the bud and by its membranous ligules, which are very short. Another unique feature of this turf grass is that the collar is narrow and indistinct, and auricles are absent. Fine Fescue sheaths are slightly rough, not compressed and wider than the blades. The lower sheaths are brown in color. The bristle-like leaf blades are very narrow—1/16 of an inch wide or less—and slightly folded. The seed head is a closed, coarse panicle with pale-green—colored spikelets that are rough and feature short awns.

Life Cycle

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This turf grass is not well-adapted to excessive moisture and will be damaged by disease in these situations. In high heat and drought conditions, Fine Fescue quickly goes dormant, sometimes making proper turf grass management programs more intensive.

Characteristic Chart

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