The Benefits of Turf Grass

In addition to serving as the home base of your outdoor lifestyle, there are dozens of social and environmental benefits to owning a healthy, well-maintained lawn. In fact, properly maintained turf grass does more for the environment than most other plants. In addition to owning a special space to build memories with friends and family, you can also enjoy these benefits of turf grass.

The Air We Breathe

  • Healthy lawns absorb carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with oxygen
  • One 50-foot-by-50-foot patch of turf grass produces enough oxygen for a family of four
  • Grass transpires water into the air, increasing humidity and decreasing pollutants
  • Lawns help improve air quality by storing carbon and absorbing ozone

Erosion Control

  • Grass is more effective at binding soil than any other plant
  • Grass controls runoff by slowing water velocity, allowing it to soak into the soil
  • Roots increase water storage capability by loosening soil and adding organic matter
  • Root systems also penetrate and hold on to soil, trapping essential nutrients


Energy Conservation

  • Turf grasses, shrubs and trees cool the air by absorbing solar radiation and through a process called evapotranspiration
  • The cooling effect of grass can lower air conditioner usage, thus reducing pollution and energy costs
  • Turf grass reduces energy usage on a national level due to its cooling effect on the environment


Temperature Modification

  • The average city temperature is hotter because buildings and streets hold heat overnight (the urban heating effect)
  • On a summer day, a sidewalk temperature might reach well above 100°F, whereas a lawn surface might remain at around 75°F
  • Turf grass is an evaporative cooler, which is why grass temperatures are an average of 10°F to 14°F cooler than asphalt and concrete.


Water Purification and Conservation

  • The biology of turf grass soils turns lawns into a perfect natural water purifier
  • Water travels into underground aquifers via the grass’s root zones
  • Soil microbes break chemicals down into harmless materials—including turf pesticide
  • The root zones of thick, healthy lawns help clean passing waters and reduce runoff to nearly zero


Allergy Control

  • Mowed turf grass helps control seeds and spores, dust pollen from weeds and populations of stinging and biting insects
  • Lawn must be well-maintained, however, as weed seeds are always present in soil
  • Once patches open up in a lawn, weeds sprout up, causing allergy problems
  • Some weeds, like Clovers, attract bees, whose sting can produce allergic reactions

Beauty and Curb Appeal

  • Lawns serve as the perfect canvas for landscaping creativity and excellence
  • Healthy turf grass makes and completes an inviting setting for the whole family
  • Turf grass organizes and pulls together all of your landscaping components, providing visual coherence
  • Yards are the first thing people see when walking up to a property, giving a first impression that conveys hospitality and warmth

Home Value

  • Lawns are typically a major component of any highly valued home landscape
  • Landscaping a property properly can increase the value of a home by 10% to 15%
  • It also gives potential buyers the perception of it being a place where they can not only enjoy the home but also live life outdoors


Noise and Glare Reduction

  • Noise and glare are both reduced by the surface characteristics of turf grasses
  • The surface of turf grass is far superior at absorbing sounds than bare ground, gravel, pavement and other hard surfaces
  • It’s possible to maximize noise and glare reduction benefits by integrating a landscape with turf grasses, shrubs and trees



  • Turf grass offers a low-cost way to provide safe recreational surfaces for kids and adults
  • Family picnics, adult gatherings and backyard sports are all bonding experiences
  • Quality parks and sports fields can build community pride and provide endless interest and entertainment
  • Recreational activities and leisure time spent on turf grass can improve mental and physical health, something that’s vital to modern society—especially in densely packed urban centers


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