Centipedegrass Illustration


Eremochloa ophiuroides

Centipedegrass is a warm-season turf grass that grows slowly and has a medium to coarse texture, making it a favorite in southern coastal regions.


Centipedegrass is well-known for its naturally light and pale-green color. A blunt tip tops the medium to course leaves. Centipedegrass spreads by stolons only, not rhizomes.

Life Cycle

Life Cycle Image


Centipedegrass naturally has a light, pale-green color, so for homeowners who desire a dark green lawn, this might not be the best choice. This turf grass is susceptible to various lawn diseases and insects. Centipedegrass is also especially susceptible to winter injury from cold temperatures, sometimes making proper turf grass management programs more intensive.

Characteristic Chart

Characteristics Image

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