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Fall Panicum

Panicum dichotomiflorum

Fall Panicum is an annual grassy weed that is also known as Fall Panicgras or by its scientific name, Panicum dichotomiflorum. This lawn weed is common when establishing grass types in a yard.








Fall Panicum can be identified as a coarse, bright green annual grassy weed with a sprawling growth habit. It features a continuous, broad collar and smooth, slightly compressed sheaths. It has flat blades that are dull above—though sometimes hairy—and glossy beneath. The blades are sharply pointed, with a prominent mid-vein. Fall Panicum can be best identified by its stems, which are bent and branched outward. This lawn weed commonly occurs when establishing grass in a lawn or landscaping environment.

Life Cycle

This grassy weed often grows in croplands, turf grass areas, home lawns and landscaping. Fall Panicum can be found throughout much of North America. These grassy weeds are also annuals, meaning they live for only one season and are typically easy to control because they lack the complex underground structures needed to spread new plant growth through creeping roots. Still, annuals produce tons of seeds that can infest and dominate your yard under the right conditions.

Life Cycle Image


Typically, cultural weed control methods—such as hand-pulling lawn weeds or proper watering and mowing—are not effective for preventing or removing Fall Panicum. However, this grassy weed thrives in full sunlight, so it will be less competitive in shady areas. For effective weed removal, professionally selected and applied weed control treatments are your best bet for eradication.


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