Murdannia nudiflora

Doveweed is a summer annual grassy weed that is also known as Naked Stem Dewflower, or by its scientific name, Murdannia nudiflora. This lawn weed is a common invader of home yards.




Doveweed can be identified as a summer annual grassy weed that has fleshy stems, which root at the nodes. It features narrow lance-shaped leaves that grow in an alternate pattern. This lawn weed has short sheaths sprouting soft hairs on the upper edges. It also has a fibrous root system. Doveweed produces blue to purple-colored flowers in somewhat open clusters on short flower stalks.

Life Cycle

This grassy weed prefers moist areas, and often grows in woodlands, lawns and landscaping. Doveweed thrives throughout the southeastern United States. These grassy weeds are also summer annuals, meaning they begin to grow (germinate) in the spring, mature in the summer and then produce seeds and die by the fall or first hard frost—an entire life cycle completed within 12 months.

Life Cycle Image


This grassy weed's creeping growth habit and preference for moist turf grass areas make Doveweed a frequent invader of residential lawns. It can be difficult to remove when relying only on cultural weed control methods such as hand-pulling lawn weeds or proper watering and mowing. For effective weed removal, professionally selected and applied weed control treatments are your best bet for eradication.

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