Blanket Crabgrass

Digitaria serotina

Blanket Crabgrass is an annual grassy weed that is also known as Dwarf Crabgrass or by its scientific name, Digitaria serotina. Using a professionally applied so-called "crabgrass killer" can be an option for weed removal.








Blanket Crabgrass can be identified as a mat-forming annual grassy weed with creeping stolons. Its leaves are crowded on the creeping stems, and its blades are very short—only about 1 inch long. Blanket Crabgrass has hairy sheaths and hairy leaf blades, distinguishing it from other forms of Crabgrass. Blanket Crabgrass reproduces by seeds and stolons and can become a year-round lawn weed in climates without heavy frost.

Life Cycle

This grassy weed prefers moist to wet soils, and is frequently found in pastures, lawns, disturbed or developed areas and other low-lying, wet places. In the United States, Blanket Crabgrass is commonly found in southeastern coastal states. These grassy weeds are also annuals, meaning they live for only one season and are typically easy to control because they lack the complex underground structures needed to spread new plant growth through creeping roots. Still, annuals produce tons of seeds that can infest and dominate your yard under the right conditions.

Life Cycle Image


Its relatively low, mat-forming growth habits make Blanket Crabgrass a difficult grassy weed to control. It's nearly impossible to remove when relying only on cultural weed control practices, such as hand-pulling as well as proper watering and mowing. In certain areas, professionally applied selective weed controls—commonly called crabgrass killers—are the best method for removal.


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