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Virginia Dwarf Dandelion

Krigia virginica

Virginia Dwarf Dandelion is a spring annual broadleaf weed that is also known simply as Dwarf Dandelion. Its scientific name is Krigia virginica.








Virginia Dwarf Dandelion can be identified by a small group of light-green rosette leaves with lobes that are pointed at the tips. The basal leaves and stalks exude a milky sap when broken. A few scattered hairs may also be present along the length of the stalk. The flowering stalks are unbranched and without leaves. Blooming in April through August, Virginia Dwarf Dandelion produces numerous bright-yellow to orange ray flowers. Virginia Dwarf Dandelion has smaller flower heads and lighter green leaves when compared to the closely related broadleaf weed Dandelion.

Life Cycle

This broadleaf weed prefers sandy to rocky soils in open areas and is often found growing in prairies, meadows, glades and lawns. Virginia Dwarf Dandelion thrives in the eastern part of the United States, as far northwest as Wisconsin and as far southwest as Texas.

Life Cycle Image


Although Krigia virginica prefers open areas, it can often be found growing along the edges or in other areas of lawns and gardens. Cultural control methods, such as lawn mowing, will only temporarily suppress the weed, as its seeds can easily spread to other areas of your lawn. Professionally selected and applied broadleaf weed killers—based on your specific climate and geography—are the most effective method for control.


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