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Thymeleaf Speedwell

Veronica serpyllifolia

Thymeleaf Speedwell is a perennial broadleaf weed that is also known by its scientific name, Veronica serpyllifolia.








Thymeleaf Speedwell is identified by hairless, laterally growing stems and leaves. This broadleaf weed roots at the nodes when they are in contact with the soil, forming dense mats. This is especially evident when the plant is living among lawns. Thymeleaf Speedwell also has a fibrous root system. Thymeleaf Speedwell produces purple and white flowers that are deeply lobed or notched at the tip. It can be distinguished from Mouse-ear Chickweed by the lack of hairs on the stem.

Life Cycle

This broadleaf weed grows in much of the eastern United States as well as in several northwestern states. Thymeleaf Speedwell thrives in moist to wet environments, including woods, slopes, hillsides, grassy areas and waste areas.

Life Cycle Image


Proper cultural practices, such as proper mowing and watering, can help prevent Veronica serpyllifolia by creating dense grass, which inhibits this broadleaf weed's ability to grow. Physical removal (i.e., pulling weeds) can be effective, though you run the risk of spreading the seeds to additional areas of your lawn and landscaping.


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